Bone Marrow Aspiration

  • one Marrow tests are done to analyze the samples of the bone marrow. They are done by a hematologist.
  • Results are obtained by conducting two types of tests- Bone Marrow Biopsy and Bone Marrow Aspiration.
  • Bone marrow aspiration is done first and then the Bone Marrow Biopsy. Bone Marrow Biopsy is conducted only if bone marrow aspiration does not give the required results.
  • This test is done in order to detect the different types of Cancer and other conditions including leukemia and lymphoma.

Purpose of the test

  • This test is done to make sure the bone marrow is healthy. A bone marrow aspiration is commonly done to detect the presence of cancerous cells in the marrow. Mostly, in cancer like lymphomas, there is a high chance of the cancer spreading to the bone marrow.
  • Even the diagnosis of blood cancer is done by detecting the cancer cells in the bone marrow region. Some people may have an extreme form of anemia. It can be only diagnosed if a bone marrow aspiration is performed.
  • A bone marrow aspiration is conducted in case there is an infection and there are metabolic disorders which can infiltrate the bone marrow. In case there is no cancer and the bone marrow is not healthy, the doctor can diagnose other conditions which are possible.

When should the test be taken?

  • If the doctor thinks that the person has a suspected blood or bone marrow disease or condition, then one should undergo this Bone Marrow Aspiration test. There are various disorders apart from cancer for which bone marrow aspiration is needed. These include anemia, Myelodysplastic syndrome, Myelofibrosis and Neutropenia.
  • If a person is suffering from cancer; especially blood cancer and lymphomas, he or she should consider taking this bone marrow aspiration test.
  • Also, if a person has high fever and the cause of the fever is unknown, he needs to take the bone marrow aspiration in order to understand the cause of the fever.