Body Skin Care

Body Skin Care

Why Should we Take Body Skin Care?

The skin is one of the most vital Eliminating and Protective layer of our body. So it helps detoxicating through glands present on its surface (epidermis), also protects the inner tissues and organs. So it becomes all the more important for us that we maintain our skin in a healthy state.

How Should we Take Body Skin Care?

The skin could become the most appealing and repulsive organ of our body at the same time. Beautiful skin adds to the charisma and magnetism of an individual. So the complete body skin care includes face, arms, elbow, knees, legs and ankles which surely have different texture. Different skin types and texture should be taken care separately. There may be dry skin, oily and normal skin type of a person. One should be aware of his or her skin type to take effective care of skin.

Tips for Body Skin Care

Some of the important tips to enjoy healthy and radiant skin are:

  • We should always use a cleanser depending on our skin type. Always apply a cold cream or a moisturizer after cleansing the skin. So never leave your skin dry. But excessive cleansing or cleansing many times a day can be harmful depriving the skin of its moisture levels.
  • Avoid exposure of skin to sun, but if it's inevitable then always apply a sunscreen. There are many high-quality and reliable sun screen lotions available in the market according to different skin types
  • Breathing exercises (pranayam) have a very healthy impact on skin by the ventilation of the organs supplying oxygen and blood to the skin. It also fights the ageing process.
  • We should try to use the natural and home made products to pamper our skin. The use of various organic or chemicals should be avoided and minimized.
  • We should go in for a regular, timely facials and toning of skin depending on our age. Various massage lotions and oils can be used for enhanced blood circulation into skin to make it healthy and radiant.

Body Skin Care & Treatments :

Facials and massage are of varied types of body skin care treatments:

  • Acupuncture facial is becoming popular in which hair thin needles are inserted into wrinkles, blemishes and due to enhanced blood supply skin becomes wrinkle free and glowing.
  • Hot stone massage is a special kind of massage which is done by using smooth, heated stones to relax the tighten muscles.

Water is one of the most important compounds that impact the functioning of our body to a great extent. Moist and supple skin can be achieved by drinking 2-3 liters of water everyday. It helps by eliminating the toxins out of our body.