First Aid for Blisters

Blisters are caused by continuous rubbing of clothes or shoes. When a person gets a blister, the inner skin layer separates from the outer layer and the gap between the surfaces fills up with fluid. Usually trekkers, athletes and rowers get blisters as there is a lot of friction that is caused by running or rowing.

First Aid for Blisters

Blisters are always painful. Therefore if you have a painful blister then keeps your first aid kit ready. Follow these steps:-

Wash your hands or legs with warm water and soap wherever the blister is there. Take a clean cotton ball and dab the blister with alcohol or iodine. The next thing to do is take a sharp needle and sterilize it by rubbing some alcohol over it. Now you need to carefully puncture the blister with the tip of the needle. Allow the fluid to ooze our and leave that area open for a while. Use an antibiotic cream over the blister and wrap it with a gauze pad.

After a week cut the dead skin by using a sterilized tweezers. Continue to put the ointment and warp with the bandage.

Symptoms for Blisters

Below are symptoms for blisters so you know what you can do:-

  • Itching
  • Pain
  • The affected area becomes red
  • There is a bubble like thing that appears on the skin.

In serious cases, blisters also lead to fever. They also appear around the mouth and some of these blisters are contagious. They may reoccur because of an injury, illness, stress or sunlight. There is no permanent cure for blisters; the only thing is to avoid eating spicy food. The blisters should be kept free from infection and dry.

When it comes to fever blisters, do not touch them as they are infectious. You need to also avoid contact with a person suffering from blister.

The above first aid tips for blisters will help you take care of yourself and the person who is suffering from it. Always keep the above first aid tips in mind and prevent yourself from painful blisters.

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