Black Skin Care

Although black skin is not as prone to acne as white skin, black skin acne can be very troublesome. Black skin acne generally occurs due to a hormone imbalance, as does all skin acne. Black skin acne treatments are basically the same as those for any skin and include the following:


When treating black skin acne, it is important for the black skin acne to be cleansed with a product that is strong enough to remove all of the dirt yet gentle enough not to further irritate the skin. There are several acne cleansing products on the market and any of them can be used to treat black skin acne.


After the black skin acnes is cleansed in the black skin acne treatment regiment, it is imperative that the black skin acne be purified. This can be done with the use of an astringent or other black skin products made for acne prone skin. A purifier is also called a conditioner and will generally go on the face with a cotton ball. It will remove any residue of dirt and oil. When treating black skin acne, any type of purifier for acne skin will work fine.

Medicated Ointments:

Medicated ointments are normally put on the spots of the skin affected by acne spots. There are many different medicated ointments available on the market and any of them can be used to treat black skin acne. While some may work better than others, all generally work to dry out the pimples.


When treating black skin acne, it is important that the black skin acne be protected from the elements in the environment such as dirt and grime. An oil free moisturizer made for acne prone skin will protect the skin from further harm and keep the skin feeling good. While many people treating black skin acne are hesitant about adding a moisturizer to the face for fear of oils, this can actually help block oils from clogging pores.

Acne Mask:

There are many different deep cleansing facial masks that are available for acne prone skin. Using one of these deep cleansing masks can help that treating black skin acne to keep their skin free from future breakouts.

Treating black skin acne is no different than treating white skin acne. There are many different black skin acne products on the market that work much better today than ever before. If you are suffering from black skin acne, begin treating your skin right away to avoid future breakouts or skin damage.