Biomedics 1 Day Contact Lenses

Cooper Vision Biomedics 1 Day Contact Lenses allows its user to dispose them regularly and substitute them by new pairs. Biomedics daily disposable Contact lenses are expedient and offer healthy benefits to the consumers making them prescribed by most optometrists. Disposal of Biomedics 1 day contact lenses each day and its replacement with a new contact lens avoids sediment build up around the cornea that can be related to a regular lens.

Sediment build-up can cause discomforts or infections in eye. These lenses are handy, as they require no cleaning that can be related to a regular lenses. Cooper Vision Biomedics 1 Day Disposable Contact Lenses are disposed after wearing them for a day. These daily disposables can work with any prescription and are available in variety in shape, color and sizes for different eye shapes with different diseases.

Suitable Candidates for Wearing Biomedics 1 Day Contact Lenses

Generally, most people with long or short eyesight can wear Biomedics daily disposable Contact lenses. However, people with bad eye health and an unusual prescription should take consultation from an optometrist before using them.

Composition of Biomedics 1 Day Contact Lenses

Cooper Vision Biomedics 1 Day Lenses are made for eyeballs of diameter 14.2 mm. Cooper Vision Biomedics 1 Day Lenses are available in a box of 30 contact lenses having a very soft and feather feel. Lenses are dipped in a Buffered Saline Solution containing 48% Ocufilcon B (Polymer) and the rest 52% are contributed by Water.

Pros of Cooper Vision Biomedics 1 Day Lenses include giving a soft feel to the cornea and simultaneously blocking UV rays from inflicting any damage in the eyes. Long and short eyesight correction along with presbyopia and astigmatism can be easily solved using these Daily disposables.

Guidelines for using Biomedics 1 Day Lenses

Experts at Cooper Vision suggest that Biomedics 1 Day should not be kept for more than 12 hours/day. It is advised to avoid sleeping with them as lenses in that condition can be harmful and are bound to cause bloat or infection around the cornea.

Optometrists suggest Biomedics 1 as the preferred system for contact lenses as they blend proper eye health care with convenience in use. So if you are looking forward to be part of Cooper Vision's world, log on to and be a proud owner of a pair of Biomedics.