Benefits of Yoga Classes

Yoga, which has been practiced in India since the Vedic period, has gained immense popularity worldwide. Yoga helps synchronize body; mind and soul, making its practitioner feel better and geared to take on the challenges in the hectic and competitive world of today.

Benefits of Yoga Classes

Some of benefits of yoga classes liste few below:

Benefits of Yoga Classes 1

Yoga helps in maintaining the balance between body, mind and soul. Once the balance is achieved with the help of various exercises, the practitioner becomes more calm and starts having a positive approach towards life. With the regular practice of yoga, he attains a level where he is at ease with himself, his body and his surroundings and does not get stressed easily. As a result, he develops positive outlook towards himself, his surroundings and his life, making him happier and content.

Benefits of Yoga Classes 2

These days, people are living such hectic lives that even 24 hours seem less in a day. Yoga helps its practitioner to relax during such stressful times and remove stress with the help of relaxation exercises. In these exercises, a person is in a state of nothingness in which he has to focus on his breathing. This helps the practitioner to realize his strengths and improves his concentration level.

Benefits of Yoga Classes 3

Yoga helps in improving the flexibility of your body with the regular exercises and lubrication of various joints and ligaments of the body. Even if you are not working on a particular body part, you will find that part too has become flexible. The reason being that when different yoga positions are done together, flexibility can be achieved easily.

Benefits of Yoga Classes 4

Yoga helps in thoroughly massaging all the glands and organs of the body, keeping the diseases at bay. Yoga helps its practitioner to understand his body as a result he becomes aware about an impending disease and can prevent it by taking precautions.

Benefits of Yoga Classes 5

Yoga helps in regulating proper blood supply in the body with the help of stretching exercises of various muscles and exercises that massage various organs of the body. Proper blood supply to various organs of the body ensures that the toxins are removed from the body, leading to its proper nourishment. This in turn helps in delaying the ageing process and gives its practitioner immense energy to face life.

Benefits of Yoga Classes 6

Yoga removes the excess flab on the body, especially hips, waist, upper and lower abdomen, with the help of exercises that focus on the affected part of the body. It also helps in toning and strengthening the muscles to give a worked-out look to the body.

Types of Yoga

Yoga can be divided into various types, which have their own unique features. While some yoga types are used to enhance physical strength, there are others which help in making the practitioner mentally strong.

Bhakti Yoga - Bhakti Yoga type, practitioners focus on prayers, their love for God and humanity, and obeying God's teachings and preaching on life. Unlike other types of Yoga, asana, pranayama and meditation are not practiced in Bhakti yoga.

Hatha Yoga - One of the most popular yoga types in the US, Hatha yoga focuses on pranayam, asana (positions) and meditation. Considered to be the basis of all types of yoga, Hatha Yoga tries to achieve a balance between different types of energies - positive and negative - in the body. This type of yoga helps in relaxing the tensed muscles, tone up different organs of the body, and improve flexibility, digestive system and blood circulation within the body. It also helps in improving the functioning of the endocrine and nervous systems.

Jnana Yoga - Through this type of yoga, its practitioner focuses on gaining knowledge about himself, his body and the God. This type helps the practitioner to understand himself, his strengths and weaknesses, and his beliefs, giving him a positive outlook towards life.

Karma Yoga - Karma Yoga focuses on the practitioner leaving his egoistic desires and work for the betterment of the humanity. Karma Yoga type, the practitioner is encouraged to let go his ego and involve himself in the selfless action and service towards the poor and the needy.

Kundalini Yoga - Kundalini Yoga type, sexual experiences are used to increase self-awareness, achieve enlightenment and to gain knowledge about oneself, one's surroundings and God. Partners indulge in various rituals and meditation before getting into physical contact. The important thing is that partners maintain the spiritual link throughout the process and do not try to have orgasm which enables various chakras in the body to release their powers.

Mantra Yoga - Mantra Yoga type of yoga, words, phrases, or syllables are chanted until the practitioner's mind is stable and is just concentrating on the meaning of these chants, helping him to relax and concentrate on the God. In this type of yoga, it is important that the practitioner pronounces the chants correctly to get the required effect.

Purna Yoga - The emphasis in this type of yoga is on doing good deeds in day today life. Purna Yoga not only helps integrate the mind with the outside surroundings but also unites the mind with the soul. This type of yoga promotes love towards one and all, wisdom and selfless action towards the needy.

Raj Yoga - Raj Yoga is a holistic therapy which brings transformation at all levels be it physical, mental, intellectual or spiritual. It not only cures the person of all his diseases but also heals him from within, bringing both the body and mind in harmony. This type of Yoga helps the practitioner in solving the emotional and mental conflicts, bringing stability and satisfaction in his/her life.

Yoga follows the old dictum which says a healthy mind in a healthy body. So no matter which type you follow, Yoga helps an individual to improve not only physically and mentally but also spiritually.