Beauty Treatments and Beauty Products

What is a Beauty Treatment?

Any treatment to enhance the looks, figure, and physique of an individual is called a beauty treatment.

  • A treatment to stop further effects of aging on the body and face of an individual also comes under beauty treatment.
  • These beauty treatments were more popular amongst women but men are also running fast to win the race.
  • So, the beauty parlors and beauty therapies are not restricted to woman but men also have a wide variety of beauty therapies and beauty product to boost their appeal and influence in competitive world of today.

Why Do We Need Beauty Treatment?

  • As the body ages, the skin loses its luster, softness gets charmless.
  • This occurs as sun radiations, various pollutants in environment, stress and other agents have negative effect on the skin.
  • The defense mechanism of the skin becomes sluggish because production of essential building blocks of skin declines with aging.
  • This results in lines, rumples, pigmentation, discoloration, and loss of radiance, softness of skin, for which we are sometimes inclined to beauty treatments.

Harms of Beauty Products and Beauty Treatments

  • Skin care products should be safe, harmless and effective but unfortunately mostly products are not very safe or suitable to different skin types.
  • Skin care products are not subjected to proper and adequate testing procedures to avoid any harm.
  • The majority of manufacturers are not properly licensed and do not make sure that their products do not cause any side effects.

How The Beauty Treatment is Done:

  • Beauty Treatment is one of the specialized services of many advanced beauty clinics in any country.
  • Generally, in reputed beauty clinics all the therapies and programs are well researched and tested to avoid any risk or side-effects according to the different skin types.
  • Mostly the beauty treatments are learned and inherited from the advanced countries through various courses and diplomas, being run by beauty institutes into these clinics.
  • The very first step is that the skin type of the client is carefully examined and its problem areas are determined. Suitable treatment is then decided. Expensive oils are extracted from exotic flora and are used for toning the body.
  • The massage with these oils improves blood circulation, de-stress the mind and body and revitalizes the body.
  • It refreshes the pale skin, flabby muscles, removes acne and stressed muscles.

Types of Beauty Treatments

Some of the common techniques for beauty treatments are:

Biomarine Treatment:

    • Bio Marine Treatment is done basically for external and internal toning of the skin. Biomarine Treatment is a powerful treatment done in three rounds with three different masks, all prepared with natural ingredients derived from sea flora and fauna.
    • These ingredients are part of the oils and moisturizer which are used on the skin.
    • There is a perfect combination of oils, aromatic, extracts and botanical substances to the mixture used as masks in the beauty treatments.
    • Each mask is prepared by these ingredients according to skin type and skin condition.
    • Face uplifting Treatment: - This treatment involves replenishment of facial tissues and cells inside by proper drainage and detoxification of underlying skin cells.
    • It is said to be very effective and used for the individuals whose skin has been sagged, and dried due to extreme weather exposure.
    • Face Firming is a very common and popular treatment to tone and rejuvenate up facial muscles, lift loosened skin, obliterate wrinkles and get rid of double chins.
    • It is also used to figure up the bust.

Anti Ageing Treatment:

Anti Ageing treatments and modus operandi have undergone many innovations since it has started.

    • Anti Ageing Treatment is basically based on nourishing the skin.
    • This treatment has been developed to meet the specifications of dry and mature skin of middle-aged individuals under supervision of skin specialists probably doctors.
    • Anti Ageing Treatment replenishes the fibers of skin known as Elastin and Collagen.
    • The synthesis of these fibers is reduced as the age progresses.
    • Anti Ageing Treatment enhances the water retention of the skin and keeps it moist and glowing.

Cellulite Control Therapy:

    • The surplus deposition of fat on thighs, hips and other parts of body is called as cellulite.
    • To get rid of this excess fat and also control further deposition is called as cellulite control therapy.
    • More than 90% of women above the age of 20 are affected with the problem.

Beauty Products:

Beauty products can be Organic Skin Care Products or Natural Herbal care products. The wide range can include foot care range, hair care range, skin care range, nail care range. Some of the beauty products are:

    • Baby Skin Care lotions and moisturizers
    • Facial Neuralgia
    • Mineral Makeup Bath and Beauty gels and colognes
    • Collagen Products
    • Toners and astringents
    • Acne removing lotions and crèmes
    • Cleansers
    • Wrinkle control products
    • Acne Facial Treatment packs
    • Anti Aging Skin Care products
    • Facial Blushing Skin Redness Aqua Care
    • Nail enamels
    • Cuticle softeners