Ayurvedic Massage

If you are planning to get Ayurvedic massage treatment and you don't actually understand what exactly this is all about, then there are some basic facts you need to know. What is the difference between and proper Ayurvedic massage and the common back rub that you might get in a resort or at a spa? The difference is that Ayurvedic massage not only deals with back and shoulders, it is much more than this. The therapists are not only expert to one part of your body and they do not just offer a short term relieve for your stress-related problems. Heading to an Ayurveda treatment will put your whole body through the complete healing process.

Ayurvedic Approach Towards Human Body

There is so much to be talked about of a body-based approach towards healing. When you are out to seek one of the best Ayurveda resorts in the world, you are leading to a place where they understand what elements exactly make the body perform at its highest level. The body is not a network of different muscles, joints, and arteries. Instead, it is a well developed machine that is meant to work as a team. If some parts are not functioning properly, then the entire body will have to bear the pain. The folks who apply Ayurvedic treatments are adept at expelling pain away from the body and enabling people live fitter and healthier lives.


The objective should be to reach a level of Panchakarma. This goes to say that everything is in unison, from your body to your mind and your psyche. You can reach there on your own, but it is only possible if you have people around you who understand the processes that will take your body to the next level of purification. It is not just about a typical back rub or oil massage. It is not about simply working the pressure points to alleviate stress level and pain. Actually, it is about combination of these things to create one pioneer approach towards healing the body.

Purification in Natural Way

Ayurveda is an ancient system to lead a healthy life. It suggests us to change our activities which will should be in synchronization with the nature. The body is submitted to the purification method through panchakarma therapy by cleaning the body, improving metabolic and digestion process. Hence, the health is restituted.

Poorva Karma (Pre care)

This is the first process that prepares the body for the major therapy of Panchakarma.

Paachan (Digestion)

Specifically prepared ghee is administered, which enables cleansing the digestive system by breaking down the impurities and lubricating the body tissues.

Snehan (Oleation)

This is a type of massage in which oil is applied to the whole body, which opens the nerves and pushes the toxins towards the gastro intestinal zone and also softens the deep tissues.

Swedan (Fomentation)

It facilitates heat to make the patient sweat. A kind of herbal mixture may also be mixed to the steam which dilutes and break down the toxins and stimulates its movement to the GI passage.
After the lapse of a week of above method, the doshas are believed to be ripened and now the principal panchakarma treatment which fits the individual body constitution and the disorder is suggested.

Panchakarma (Pradan Karma)

Vamana Karma - Induced Vomiting

Here the toxins, because of the vitiated doshas, are thrown out through the oral path. It purifies respiratory passage and upper region of the body.

Virechana Karma - Induced Purgation

Here a right bowel movement is stimulated by flushing out the toxins which are drained out through the anal passage. It usually throws pitta away from stomach and upper portion of the small intestine.

Basti Karma - Medicated Enema

In this process, either oil or medicated water is passed through the rectum passage and it facilitates to expel the toxins.

Nasya – Expulsion of Toxins Through Nose

Medicated milk or oil is administered in to the nostrils, thus expelling toxins from the forehead and head and rejuvenating the sense organs.

Rakta Mokshan – Artificial Bloodletting

A small quantity of blood is taken from a vein which alleviates the stress created by the pitta toxins available in the blood.

Paschat Karma (Post care)

After the main purification method, the body activities are restored and gradually shifted back to normal intake of diet from the special diet and also few rejuvenating therapies are undertaken.

Kalari Massage

This type of massage involves the chavutti thirummu and combined massage. In this massage the massager uses his one foot only to massage balancing himself on a string. Also synchronized, a complete body massage is done by two therapists, who are experts in the kalari, a martial art prevalent in Kerala. It alleviates you out of the body pain and rejuvenates the entire body system.

Kathakali Massage

Kathakali is a traditional dance of Kerala. The teachers massage the students in the morning in order to keep the body supple and flexible. Here the oil is poured on the head which runs through the toe and the massage is performed using feet.

Marma Massage

It is a full body massage using hand with warm medicated oil and the marma (vital) points on the body are stimulated. This generates own energy and eases the blockages created at these marma points and improves the functioning of the connecting organs.