Ayurvedic Diet Plans

Scientific developments have facilitated our lives with luxury. Today we can enjoy those facilities which were only a matter of dream 100 years ago. But in this age we are left with no joy, feelings and enthusiasm. We are living a miserable and painful life today in terms of health. We all should figure out solutions for a healthy lifestyle.

Today’s Medical Science

Today, we have several types of health sciences and medical sciences. We have huge surgical rooms where a surgeon can peep into the deepest part of our brains; they are capable of replacing the inappropriate working organs with new organs. Modern medical sciences have offered almost everything except the pleasure of being healthy.

Ayurveda –Holistic Approach

This is the age of transition. Things are taking new shape very fast. IT revolution has changed the way of envision to a considerable extent. People are enthusiastic to explore the new horizons. Intellectuals of health industry are always developing newer things. Modern science admits the concept of Holistic Sciences like Ayurvedic Diet, that without a perfect diet and lifestyle, complete health is beyond imagination.

Excessive Intake of Single Taste Prohibited

Ayurvedic diet has no room for over-consumption of a single taste and also have prescribed that one should opt for a mixed diet. So incorporate all the tastes in your diet and you will be healthy. Ayurvedic diet has a total solution for human being. The only thing you have to do is, simply to figure out what is the best for you.

A Balanced Diet –Key to Ayurveda

A wholesome diet will result in better health, life and happiness. Needless to say, it goes well with Ayurvedic diet . There are several habit changes you can incorporate into your lifestyle which will enhance your health and well being. A healthy mind is generated from the intake of  healthy compatible foods into the system which enables a person to function at a high level of awareness. As there are many better eating habits that can be inculcated in our modern day lifestyles, there are also a few basic practices that we need to follow so that our system functions naturally at the same level as nature.

Two Meals Per Day – Second Step to Ayurvedic Diet

It is better to restrict meals to 1 or 2 times a day. The concept of three meals a day including all the snacking and social eating is a prominent factor of illness in our fast moving society. This culture of breakfast, lunch and dinner is not that new these days. You should only eat when you require food and not when it is 'time to eat.' A healthy body and mind requires only 1 to 2 meals a day and that too without snacks. A few days should be there when you can give complete rest to your digestive system and bodily functions from the intake of food, therefore, a fast is recommended. What you should do is, only take some lukewarm water during the whole day.

Perfect Eating Time

The timing of eating is prominent and this needs to be before bed time so that, the body can get a chance to do some cleaning work during the night. Eating before 5 or 6 pm is a healthy habit to cultivate. This will offer the body system some time to digest the food and then, when you are sleeping, no energy needs to be spend on digestion and at the same time no extra toxins are developed from undigested food moving into the intestines.

Seasonal Eating

Seasonal eating is the best practice to follow in Ayurvedic diet. A local farmers market is the best as they have local produce which is available in season and your body is accustomed to that type of meal. Eating foods that are collected from across the world create many discrepancies such as digestive problems, skin toxicity, allergies and constipation. Eat local and seasonal food and fruits and avoid troubles.

Right Proportion of Foods

Eat in the right proportion, - that is what Ayurvedic diet recommends. Eating in season alleviates much of this problem but there are several other foods which should not be consumed or mixed together. Dairy and salad, milk and fish, yogurt and fruits are such examples. You may not know them all but as you eat healthy, the body and mind will work in tune with what combinations are perfect. To start with, when you eat mixing only 2 or 3 food items together (without sauce) then you will realize which foods are not right at the moment. This is a daily exercise that needs to be nurtured and with the passing of time, a person will intuitively know how to blend and which foods to blend.

Don’t Overeat

Leave one third of your stomach empty while filling one third with food and other one third with water. This is the major therapy Ayurvedic diet exists on. As you offer time and space for digestion, the food and liquid mix together to make a healthy combination and enable each other to break down to be used as nutrition. This rule will not work if a person is very irregular in one aspect or another; in general this is a good guideline for healthy food intake.