Autism Symptoms and Treatment


  • Autism is a disorder, which is generally seen in kids.
  • It causes children to see the world in a different way.
  • They are little different from other kids.

Symptoms of Autism

There are many symptoms of it.

  • As child is not speaking at the right time or after that, he keeps him busy in himself, feels hard to talk to the other people, does not show interest in people, etc.
  • Autism makes kids hard to express themselves.
  • The kids find it difficult to talk to other normal kids.
  • Even talking to those kids is hard.
  • Kids with autism tend to keep them busy in themselves only and sometimes they need special help also to talk to others.
  • Normal things and normal sounds are not normal for them.
  • They get so much bothered that sometimes they cover their ears or hide somewhere to avoid that.
  • They may react to the usual things in the unusual way.
  • Sometimes they feel uncomfortable even when they are touched gently. 
  • Kids with Autism feel hard to talk or communicate with others.
  • If any other kid wants to make him a friend they do not give same reactions.
  • Autism makes kids hard to understand the simple things.
  • You say something and they will understand the other thing.
  • Kids with such problem do not want to change their routine.
  • They like to do the same thing again and again.
  • These kids want to play with particular toy in a particular way only.
  • They do not like change.

Reasons for Autism

  • It is not easy to understand the functioning of brain.
  • Every day we see, smell, taste, understand and feel many things and we are able to do so because our brain helps us to do everything for us.
  • But in case of Autism this understanding is not so well; that is why kids with Autism feel problem to understand simple things.
  • Our brain has billions of nerve cells which controls many part of our body and with autism sometimes these cells are not properly connected to each other.
  • But these are not the only reasons for it, family history also matters.

Diagnosis of Autism

  • It is not easy to diagnose Autism.
  • Parents only can check it first.
  • There are few tests which are taken by the doctors.
  • Experts in this field listens each and every minute thing about the child to take out that what is the reason behind it.

Treatment for Autism

There is no specific treatment for this problem.

  • It has got no cure. But many other things can be done to control the mental state of the child and it can be done with the help of some special teachers, doctors and experts.
  • It is the best to start the treatment in the early age.
  • An expert or therapist can teach a child how to express himself with the help of pictures.
  • That really helps kid to communicate with others.
  • Kids with mild Autism can go to their schools and colleges. But the teacher over there should know the problem of the child. Kids with autism needs calm atmosphere.
  • People around them should be understanding enough to make them feel comfortable.