Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD or ADHD)

Introduction to ADD or ADHD

  • Attention deficit disorder is referred to as ADD or ADHD.
  • It is a brain condition, which is generally characterized by poor or very poor attention and distractibility or impulsive or hyperactive reactions or behavior.
  • It has become a most common brain or mental disorder in kids.

Symptoms of ADD

  • It is really important to treat this problem as ADD can lead to poor attention in each and every work such as poor school or job performance, poor feeling of low esteem, poor social relations. 
  • The most basic symptoms of ADD are poor attention and distractibility, impulsive or hyperactive reactions or behavior.
  • It brings difficulties in concentration and focusing, which creates a problem in the patient’s daily routine life.
  • In daily routine, they do not pay attention and make careless or silly mistakes in school or at work.
  • Even they do not pay attention when they play.
  • They feel unable to work according to the instructions given to them and fail to finish their work on time.
  • They forget their daily works.
  • Sometimes due to depression, patient lean towards some bad habits and goes towards a wrong way.
  • Patients forget their things.
  • They are always distracted.

Age of ADD

  • Symptoms of this disorder may continue till adolescence and adulthood.
  • It is generally seen in the preschoolers and the school age kids.
  • In about a class of 30 kids there can be one child with this problem.
  • With this problem, kids does not want to sit in their seats.
  • They love to play loudly.
  • They like going here and there incessantly. It means that they are always mobile.
  • Sometimes this problem is seen in adolescence and adulthood also.
  • If kid is having this disorder and it has not been treated on the right time, than its symptoms can be seen in adolescence and adulthood.

Causes of ADD

  • Some family history, genetic or biological components are thought to be the cause of ADD or ADHD.
  • But the exact cause of this is still not determined by the doctors.
  • Some difference in the physical parts of the brain can also be responsible.

Treatment of ADD

  • Medication helps in such cases but effect can be different, it can prove better for some patients while it can barely prove even good for other patients.
  • But symptoms can occur again if the medication is stopped. Behavioral therapy with medication is also helpful sometimes.
  • Parents have to be alert with the children that have this disorder.
  • Parents should help their kids to be organized and boost their confidence.
  • They should help them to build discipline and to improve their social skills.
  • Parents should openly talk to their kids about their likes and dislikes.
  • They should make their kids daily plans and should take frequent feedbacks from their school.
  • Parent should not try to do anything forcefully, rather explain things to them calmly. The basic treatment of any problem starts from the home only.
  • It would help a lot for their kids, as right parenting is the toughest and most important work in the world.
  • As it is a mental problem just medication will not help.
  • Try to add more zinc, magnesium, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids as these things improve focus and is a good food for mind.
  • Try changing habits from negative to positive; this is the best solution.