Atherosclerosis (or AVD - arteriosclerotic vascular disease) is a condition when the arteries of a person gets narrowed and hardened.This thickening and narrowing of the arteries disrupts the flow of blood in the body leading to severe cardiovascular complications to the person. The plaque clogs the arteries which further leads to the lesser flow of the blood resulting in the formation of blood clots. These blood clots can result in life-threatening situations like heart attack and stroke.


The walls of the arteries get thicken due to the accumulation of calcium and fatty substances like cholesterol or we can say due to excessive building up of plaque around the artery wall.


Symptoms of this got traced at a later stage when there is a severe blockage that affects the blood flow to the other organs. Most of the time, a person shall come to know about this when they face cardiovascular disorders like stroke and heart attack.

There are certain factors that can damage the inner area of the artery and can boost or trigger the Atherosclerosis. These factors are such as blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar levels and due to smoking. Patients with badly controlled diabetes and people whose parent or sibling has/had Atherosclerosis have a higher risk of developing Atherosclerosis than others.


Though there are no such symptoms or signs of Atherosclerosis until the person face some cardiovascular disorders, but those who have a risk of developing Atherosclerosis should undergo the tests for the same. Its diagnosis is based on the medical history of the patient. There are few tests like blood test, physical test, ultrasound, CT scan. With these test one can be sure about the occurrence of Atherosclerosis.


There are medicine based and surgery based treatments available in the market. In medication treatment, doctors prescribe those medicines which prevent in building up of the plaque or to help preventing blood clotting. Other medicines are also there to maintain the blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure levels which are some factors in developing the Atherosclerosis. In severe cases people undergo surgery like artery bypass which is an expensive way.


These can be prevented if we just change our lifestyles. Healthy diets, quitting smoking and regular exercising reduces the risk of increasing cholesterol levels, and building up of the plaque around the arteries.


Atherosclerosis is a dangerous disease which starts gradually and damages the arteries before you get aware of it. There is no such cure for it but it can be delayed and its complications can be prevented by changing our lifestyles like regular exercising, eating healthy, staying physically active, limited consumption of alcohol and quitting smoking.

Treatment cost:

Patients with diagnosed atherosclerosis incur significant clinical and economic burden, indicating a need for earlier diagnosis and treatment of atherosclerosis to help in reducing this burden. The treatment cost may vary from $5000 to around $7500.