Aseptic Meningitis

Meningitis is caused when the nerves connecting the brain to the spinal column get swollen due to infection. However, when there is no bacterial infection found during tests, it is considered to be Aseptic Meningitis. In recent times, it is seen that even though there is no bacterial infection found at the initial stages, some bacterial activity is found in later tests, thereby making the term ‘aseptic’ a misnomer in itself.


Seasonal virii are generally the causes of non-bacterial Meningitis.  The other reasons of Aseptic Meningitis are chicken pox, mumps, rabies, and herpes simplex. Other rare reasons behind Aseptic Meningitis are some fungal infections, Lyme, tuberculosis, and some inflammatory diseases.  In some cases, people suffering from syphilis might experience Aseptic Meningitis. It is seen that mostly, children between the age group of 1 – 5 suffer from Aseptic Meningitis. Adults who have AIDS or Diabetes have a greater chance of suffering from this illness too.


The simplest and most common symptom of Aseptic Meningitis are chills, fever, body aches, intense headaches, cases of throwing up, being extremely sensitive to light and fatigue.  The symptoms differ a bit between children and adults.  Toddlers can be irritable and experience frequent crying. Some might even be difficult to feed. When it comes to children, one important symptom is a soft bulge on the soft spot on the head.  The most severe symptoms of Meningitis are seizures, confusion, and intense or consistent headaches.

Aseptic Meningitis is known to be fade away, and in many cases, people will not even know that they have meningitis, because the symptoms of cold and flu are so similar to Meningitis.


There are various tests that can be used to find out whether someone suffers from Aseptic Meningitis like X-Rays, CT Scans and some blood tests.  Aseptic Meningitis treatment is generally over the counter medicine like analgesics and anti-inflammatory medicines. Some patients would also be required to drink a lot of liquids and remain hydrated.


When it comes to prevention, one can try to prevent Aseptic Meningitis by vaccinating themselves against chicken pox, mumps and other diseases that have Aseptic Meningitis as a symptom.