Aminoaciduria Test

A protein metabolism disorder, Aminoacidura is a condition where excess amino acids are present in the urine. Usually, small amounts of amino acids are present in the urine. But, increased amount of amino acids in the urine results in Aminoaciduria.

This condition can result from other disorders like chronic liver diseases and renal disorders. Aminoaciduria tests are done in order to detect the level of amino acids in the urine.

Purpose of the Test

  • An Aminoaciduria test is done to screen the increased levels of amino acid in urine which indicates possible errors of metabolism caused by enzyme deficiency.
  • A clear sample of urine is necessary to conduct this test. It is done at a pathological testing laboratory.
  • Before this test is taken, another test is taken 24-hours before this test. This test takes a quantitative urine chromatography which is necessary to measure the elevated levels of specific amino acids.
  • Increased level of amino acids is also shown in the blood plasma.
  • If the test is performed early on young infants and the defect is treated, severe mental retardation can be prevented in the infant.
  • Early tests may prevent many disorders like Alkaptonuria, Cystinosis, Galactosemia, Rickets, Wilson’s disease and other metabolism related disorders.
  •  Since this disorder is also common among neonates, it is essential to perform the test only after the neonate has ingested dietary protein. But, it is difficult to perform this test on the neonate since the neonate would not always consume protein diet.

When the test should be done?

  • Since this condition results due to other diseases like chronic liver disease, other tests would give indications of this condition.
  • In case of enlarged liver, low blood sugar level, cirrhosis, ascites and cataract, one should get the tests done for Aminoaciduria also.
  • If the person is suffering from any liver disorders, he should take this test for aminoaciduria.
  • Abnormal body odor along with liver disorders is a clear indication of aminoaciduria. At such times, one should have their aminoaciduria tests done.