Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease was initially illustrated by German psychiatrist Alios Alzheimer in 1906 as the most prevalent form of dementia. Named after its founder, the disease is believed to be diagnosed in people over the age of 65, even though 65 is not the fixed age for Alzheimer’s.

Science defines Alzheimer's disease as a neurological disorder that is caused as a result of damage and deterioration of the brain cells. This disease can ultimately lead the patient to lose his memory and a reduction in thinking capacity. This disease is said to be a type of dementia that starts calm to progress into worse.



The combination of causes is:

Age:  Every one person out of 14 over 65-80 years of age is affected by Alzheimer's. Nonetheless, it can also affect people below the age of 65 as per a report in UK.

Genetic:  It is commonly known that Alzheimer’s is a genetic disorder; however scientists are still investigating the same. However, if the close relative of one’s family has this disease, then it is likely that one might inherit it.

Environmental:  A few years ago, it was reported that exposure to aluminum might trigger the cause of Alzheimer’s.

Other factors:  It is known that people who had head injuries are at an increased risk of suffering this disease. Boxers, who accept continuous hits on the head, are at a major risk too.


Symptoms of this disease include;

__ Puzzled

__ Forgetfulness

__ Mood swings

__ Frustration

__ Loss of confidence

__ Minimal communication

__ Hard time on doing regular activities


The tests to detect Alzheimer’s include;

__ Blood tests

__ Physical examination

__ Assessment of memory

__ Brain scan- CT scan or MRI


Presently, there is no treatment for Alzheimer’s as such. Nonetheless, drugs are prescribed by doctors to reduce the symptoms or to slow down the progression of this disease.


Alzheimer’s disease causes memory loss and slowdown in cognitive capability. This disease shows and reacts differently to difference people. Hence, there is no such solid prognosis for Alzheimer’s.


To prevent Alzheimer’s disease, it is very important to have a healthy lifestyle to potentially eliminate or reduce the risk of its occurrence. Basic yet important preventions comprise of a healthy heart, proper diet, content exercise and an active brain.

Treatment cost

The approximate treatment cost of Alzheimer disease per person annually is $27,672.