Allergy Prevention Products

Allergy is the disorder of the immune system by which it produces elevated responses against normal and innocent substance in the environment which normally does not cause any immunological responses. These substance or allergen may include anything from food protein and dust to insect, venom and metal. Some of the very common allergen is dust which can lead to breathing problem and asthma and eggs, peanuts and milk which produces irritation of the skin, throat or other symptoms. People are found to be allergic to even apples, pears and peaches.

Symptoms of Allergy

The symptoms of allergy may vary between people; people allergic to the very same substance can show different response. For example, allergy to shell foods and nuts can cause mild symptoms like sneezing or skin rashes in some people while the same allergen can cause even anaphylaxis and death of an individual. The common symptoms of allergy includes, sneezing, wheezing, asthma, hay fever, skin rashes and irritation of eyes, nose, throat and stomach. In some cases the allergic reaction can be very dangerous and it may affect the functioning of many internal organs like the liver and kidney as in medicine allergy or it may lead to paralysis or death of the person.

Treatment of Allergy

The allergy can be treated by many approaches; avoidance or staying away from the allergen is the best and the most effective way of reducing the allergy attack. It is necessary to find the exact allergen or the food protein that trigger the allergic response. Avoiding these completely or staying away from it as possible can indeed relieve the number of allergy attacks. It is not always possible to avoid every possible allergen, mainly air borne allergen in such cases, allergy control products or allergy proofing may be used to reduce the allergen present in the home and office atmosphere.

Medications help to relieve the symptoms of allergy. Anti histamines and cortico steroids are used to treat the symptoms of allergy and relieve the allergic responses. The most commonly used medicine for almost all types of allergy is anti histamine which reduces the amount of histamine, which is causes the allergic symptoms, in the blood. Decongestant, nasal sprays and other allopathic medicines are also used to treat allergy. Some of the antagonistic drugs besides anti histamine and corticosteroids used to treat allergy includes theophyline, cromolyn sodium, cortisone, hydrocortisone and dextramethasone.

Immunotherapy or allergy shots are another approach to treat allergy in cases where medicines cannot be much effective. Increasing amounts of the allergen are injected into the patient at specific interval to desensitize the patient. This treatment takes a longer period of around five years or more to completely cure of the allergy.

Allergy Products

It is always best to avoid allergen or reduce the contact with the allergen in order to prevent allergic attack. An allergy product helps to reduce the exposure to allergen and to reduce the symptoms and anaphylaxis related to allergy. Some products are available which can reduce the contact with allergen to a great extend.

Food Allergy Products

The case of food allergy and anaphylaxis associated with it has increased in the past few years. At least thousand people die each year from the allergic reaction associated with food protein and macromolecules. Some of the food allergy products include food sensitivity Kit, protectube, allergy awareness T shirts and badges.

ALCAT food sensitivity home kit helps to test for food allergy and to discover the food sensitivity causing nasal allergies, arthritis, asthma, fatigue, migraine headaches, and other problems. This simple blood test kit measures food sensitivities based on the reaction of the immune cell when exposed to different food allergen.

Protectube is an auto injection case which provides protection for anyone with allergy to food. It is an easy to carry, light weight and waterproof allergy epinephrine injection carrier that can provide maximum protection for anyone who have to carry an auto injector.

Hair Allergy Products

Hair dyes and hair color is a very interesting product that are appealing and smart way to hide behind the grey hair and even used to transform the color completely. The hair dyes and colors can result in allergic reactions like irritation of the scalp, blister on the scalp and irritation in eyes and nose. This allergy can be treated by medication or by washing off the dyes and using natural moisturizers and the hair and scalp. Many hypo allergic hair care products are now available in the market which can be safely used even by the people with the most sensitive scalp.

Hypo allergic hair gels are available which contains no chemicals which contains no heavy fragrances and chemical irritants present in most of the hair care product. Natural or natural identical hair dyes are also available which contains very little chemicals and are safe to use. Organic cosmetics and hair care products are more accepted today as it promises minimum allergy in the users.

Allergy Alert Product

Allergy alert products are used to alert the people around us and our kids about the types of allergy we are suffering from. T-shirts, badges, stickers and restaurant cards are available which can alert those around you that you are allergic. Food allergy T shirts are comfortable to wear kids clothing which also serve an additional purpose to send an alert message to anyone your child comes in contact with. These T shirts protect them from having food from strangers which might lead to severe allergy symptoms and anaphylaxis. Your little one cannot say that they are allergic to these and these food so why not their T shirts say it?

Other food allergy products are also available on the market like allergy alert bracelet with the food allergy engraved on it, allergy alert badges and stickers are also available that too in a wide range of designs and colors to choose from.

Restaurant cards help to have a clear communication with your chef or kitchen manager about the food allergy you are suffering from. These cards can be handed over to the kitchen manager at the restaurant so as to reduce the chance of having any allergic food items in the food you order. These small printed cards which conveys the bold message "don’t feed me with nuts, I am allergic to it" or some other caption can be carried everywhere just like the business card.