Allergy Control Products

Allergy is the elevated immunological response of the body to the harmless and innocent foreign particles. The body reacts to certain protein, dust particles, metals or insect venom which does not usually harm most of the people. The foreign particles causing allergy are called the allergen and these allergen may cause different allergies in different people. The allergic reaction may include skin rashes and blisters, conjunctivitis, stuffy and running nose, breathing difficulty, asthma, and even anaphylaxis leading to paralysis or death.

Allergy Treatment

The general approach to the treatment of allergy includes natural and herbal treatment, medication, avoidance and immunotherapy.

The natural treatment includes taking more fruit juices, water and foods containing natural antihistamine like garlic, onion, and ginger. Applying tulsi or neem paste on skin can also relive allergy and itchiness on the skin. Acupuncture, yoga and meditation are also effective against many allergies.

Medication include allopathic, homeopathic and ayurvedic treatment. Antihistamines, steroids, decongestants and nasal sprays are usually prescribed for the allergic treatment. Homeopathy and ayurveda has shown to work wonders in the treatment of many allergic reactions.

Immunotherapy has been widely used to treat allergy for a past few years. It involves the injection of allergens or monoclonal anti Ig E antibodies in an increasing dose in a specific interval. The immunotherapy helps to desensitize the patient to the particular allergen so as to attain immunity against it.

Avoidance of the allergen can be considered as a prevention rather than treatment. Avoiding the consumption of foods that cause allergy or staying away from other allergens can help a lot. But it is not always easy to keep away from all sorts of allergens. Dust, pollens and mold which are present in the atmosphere cannot be completely avoided as we have a chance come in contact with them at some place, indoors or outdoors. Air borne allergen cannot be fully avoided even if we take all the precautions and vacuum our house all day long.

Allergy Control Products

Avoiding allergen like food items and certain jewelry or synthetic clothing is easy and it is the best way to control the allergic reaction to these substances. But for other allergens which cannot be completely eliminated in spite of all our precautions. Allergy control products are available in the market which can help to reduce and control the symptoms caused by such allergen. There are products like carpet treatment solutions, dust masks, air cleaners and much more.

Allergy beddings

Allergy mattress covers, pillow encasing and comforters are available in the market which promises to protect from dust mites which are usually found in the beds and pillows. These are crafted from unique hypo allergic fabric materials that keep away dust mites, mold spores and dander.

Air cleaners

Air cleaners reduces the exposure to the indoor allergens and dust and gives us a safe and pollutant free air to breath in. this product cleanses the air from household dust, pollen , pet dander, mold spore and tobacco smoke. This product is a relief for people suffering from asthma attacks and sinus.

Air humidifier and dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers can be used to remove the excess moisture from air and hence reduce the mold and dust mites which usually thrive in high humidity. The lowering humidity reduces the chance of this allergen getting breathed in. But humidity below 30 % is very uncomfortable and can increases the symptoms of asthma and can cause nose bleeds and infection. The dehumidifier recognizes humidity below the set value and adjusts the humidity accordingly.

Mold control product

Mold zappers are available in the market which zaps off the molds and spores present in the air. It can be used for a few hours on a stretch to clean the air from this potent allergen and is a great relief against molds and mildews Dehumidifiers and air conditioners can also reduce the mold growth in the indoor air. Mold cleaner solutions and sprays are available which cleans of the mold patches in the damp corners of the house.

Carpet treatment products

Carpet and cushions contain thousands of pet hairs, dust mites, pollen and molds. And effective carpet cleaning solutions are needed to get rid of these and decrease the chance of allergy. Usually the active ingredient in these cleaning products is tannic acid which denatures or deactivates the allergens and some solutions also helps to clean the stains off the carpets, curtains and cushion.

A lot of allergy control products are available on the market and it should be bought only if you really need it and if  it will really work.

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