Alcoholism Facts and Symptoms

Introduction to Alcoholism

The disease of alcohol dependence is known as alcoholism. This disease is the most severe stage of many drinking problems, which starts with alcohol abuse and binge drinking.

Meaning of Alcoholism

  • The meaning of binge drinking is having four to five or more drinks at a time.
  • In simple words, binge drinking is just getting drunk in one session.
  • When someone’s drinking habit begins to cause problems and the drinking does not stop, it is known as alcohol abuse.

Physical Problems

  • The long term use of alcohol can bring physiological changes in the brain.
  • Alcohol is harmful for the every part of the body including brain also.
  • Alcohol is likely to cause harm to our bodily functions, giving rise to heart diseases, nutritional deficiencies, and sexual dysfunction.
  • It can damage our body in many ways like our nervous system and can also cause cancer.
  • Taking alcohol at the time of pregnancy is very harmful. It causes an adverse effect on the reproductive system.  
  • According to the scientific research, genetic plays an important role in the habit of alcoholism. It tends to run in families.
  • Research shows that environment also affects the alcoholism.
  • Once a person becomes habituated to it, he becomes totally dependent on it.
  • This disease involves a physical dependence on alcohol.
  • These problems have different levels of severity.
  • It can be mild to life threatening. Alcohol dependence syndrome is the most severe stage.

Signs and Symptoms

  • There are some signs and symptoms of alcoholism such as craving for alcohol, drinking in secret, getting irritated when you do not get a drink, having legal problems, inability to sustain in a relationship, inability to sustain in a job, liver disease.

Treatments and Therapies

  • There are different types of therapies by which this syndrome can be controlled, but the basic thing is, the person has to be determined about it.
  • The first step is to recognize that you have this problem.  
  • The person should not hide any thing.
  • In such cases, doctor’s advice proves beneficial as the use of alcohol decreases appetite and makes your body deficient in a number of minerals and nutrients.
  • But high dose of vitamin A can damage the liver more quickly for those who drink heavily. Sometimes some herbs are also effective to strengthen the body and treating the disease.
  • Homeopathy can be a supportive therapy along with counseling.
  • Cognitive therapy with the psychiatrist is a very effective treatment.
  • Acupuncture also helps as a supportive therapy.
  • There are specific medicines, which are prescribed by the doctors for the alcohol addiction.
  • Sometimes patient is admitted for few days in the hospital.


Nothing is impossible, there goes the saying. But the main thing is that, the person has to be determined about it, and control himself.