Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic, which means 'with oxygen', are done in moderate intensity for longer durations. Aerobic exercises could be any exercise that helps increase heart pumping rate for a longer period, leading to an increase in your intake of oxygen. This in turn will lead to burning of fat and weight and inch loss.

Aerobic was introduced in 1968 by Kenneth H Cooper, an exercise physiologist in Air Force, with his book 'Aerobic'. The book, which included exercise regime like running, walking, swimming and bicycling, was lapped up throughout the world.

An aerobic exercise regimen, which is usually accompanied by music, would generally include warming up session for five to ten minutes, 20 minutes of moderate exercises focusing on different parts of the body and relaxation session of five to ten minutes.

Different Types of Aerobic Exercises

There are different types of aerobic exercises, some of aerobic exercises below:

  • Low impact Aerobic Exercises
  • High impact Aerobic Exercises
  • Step Aerobic Exercises
  • Water Aerobic Exercises


Low impact Aerobic Exercises

Low-impact Aerobic type of exercises, jumping or bouncing movements, which could harm the joints, are not included. Low-impact Aerobic exercises are preferable for old people, obese and even pregnant women.

High impact Aerobic Exercises

High impact Aerobic Exercises practitioner needs to be agile and active to do such exercises as High impact Aerobic Exercises involves jumping and complex body movements.

Step Aerobic Exercises

Low-rung stools or steps are generally used in these types of step aerobic exercises. These step aerobic exercises can be included in both Low impact Aerobic Exercises and high impact aerobic exercises workout.

Water Aerobic Exercises

Water Aerobic exercises are done in waist-high water in swimming pool. Knowledge of swimming is essential Water Aerobic Exercises type of exercise, which is considered Low impact Aerobic Exercises.

Aerobic Exercises Benefits:

  • Aerobic exercises help in losing weight by increasing the pumping rate of the heart for a longer period, leading to an increase in your intake of oxygen, burning of fat and weight and inch loss. Regular physical activity burns the excess calories, thus reducing your weight.
  • Regular aerobic exercises give you a sense of control over yourself, making you feel and look better. Besides, Regular aerobic exercises also helps in making you adopt a positive approach towards life.
  • These Aerobic exercises help you to vent out your frustrations and stresses in a positive manner, thus relaxing your tensed muscles and stressed mind. As a result, you appear more cheerful and are better equipped to deal with the stress in our day-to-day lives.
  • Aerobic exercises help in facilitating the air flow in and out of the lungs by strengthening muscles which are used in respiration.
  • These Aerobic exercises strengthen muscles of the heart and improve the rate of pumping.
  • Aerobic exercises helps in the toning up of all the muscles in the body which in turn leads to improvement in blood circulation throughout the body and reduction in blood pressure.
  • The Aerobic exercises lead to an increase in the number of red blood cell, facilitating transportation of oxygen throughout the body. As a result, a person who regular does Aerobic exercises is at less risk of dying due to cardiovascular diseases.
  • Aerobic exercises can also lead to bone growth and reduce the chances of its practitioner getting osteoporosis.

Things to keep in Mind while doing Aerobic Exercises :

  • Aerobic exercises is advisable that you increase the intensity of your workout slowly. For e.g. if you have just joined an Aerobic class, indulge yourself in Low impact Aerobic Exercises because if you start right away with High impact Aerobic Exercises, your body may not be able to respond positively and you may get tired easily. You may even hurt your muscles and tear your ligaments.
  • Once your body is accustomed to Low impact Aerobic Exercises, increase both the intensity and duration of your workout. Also, you can do different aerobic exercises on different days so that monotony does not set in.
  • Select activities which interest you. If you are interested in group activities, you can play basketball or join an Aerobic class. If you like to be on your own, you can opt for swimming or brisk walking.
  • Take some time out daily according to your convenience to work out as regular exercises not only keep you fit and active but also keep many diseases away.
  • Make short-term and long-term goals for yourself. Your motivation level to continue with Aerobic exercises will be really high once you start reaching those goals.

Aerobic exercises not only keeps you fit and active both physically and mentally but also helps you in venting out the frustrations and stress in our daily lives, making you feel at ease with yourself and gearing you up to face the world.