Acne Prone Skin Care

Many younger people have acne prone skin. For years, food items such as chocolate and fried foods were blamed for acne among teenagers. We know better now and realize that the cause of acne is usually the result of a hormonal change. Young people reaching puberty are experience hormone fluctuations that often play havoc on their skin.

If you have a young person in your family, or if you yourself find you are suffering from acne or have acne prone skin, check out some of the best acne prone skin care and cleansers on the market.

Proactive Acne Skin Care

Proactive acne skin care offers a wide variety of products designed to combat problem skin. Although the brand quickly procured the use of Jessica Simpson as their spokesperson, it has proven to be an effective way at treating acne.

The skin care regiment of Proactive acne Skin Care is really the same as any acne skin care regiment. You use a cleanser, toner and moisturizer on your skin. Each is designed to clear your skin from dirt, oil and blemishes as well as protect it from future breakouts. Proactive acne Skin Care also offers ointments to put on blemishes to clear them up in record time.

Proactive acne Skin care is one of the best lines on the market for acne prone skin care products and cleansers, but it is quite pricey. There are other alternates for acne prone skin care.

Aveda Skin Care Products

Aveda offers a wide variety of not only facial products, but body lotions as well. Aveda skin care products are more affordable than Proactive, and work very well, if directions are followed. Again, you need to control oil by using oil free cleanser, toner and moisturizer. There are also ointments available to put on the spots that occur on the face.

Ointments that are put on the face usually contain benzene, up to 10 percent. This can be quite effective at drying out the pimple. You just have to remember that the pimple is the symptom, not the disease.

Cheap Acne Prone Skin Care Products and Cleansers

If you do not have much money but want to clear up your acne prone skin and keep acne prone skin clean, try the following products for acne pron skin care:

  • Anti-bacterial soap for cleansing. Bacterial infections cause pimples. Using anti-bacterial soap on the face may be harsh, but is guaranteed to do the job. Anti bacterial liquid soap can be purchased for a dollar;
  • Witch Hazel for a toner. This will clear up the rest of your skin as well as close your pores. Witch hazel is one of the oldest types of astringents and is available in drug stores for under one dollar;
  • Moisturizer for oily skin. Take a look at the brands in the drug store. Chances are there is a moisturizer for oily skin. And chances are that it works just as well as an expensive brand;
  • Home-made mask from oatmeal. Yes, oatmeal can be used as a mask. Mix it with water and apply to your face. Allow it to dry then wash off. This may seem like common sense, but do not use the sugared instant oatmeal.

Aromatherapy Skin Care

Aromatherapy is the ancient Eastern art of healing the body from the inside out. There are several aromatherapy options available for treating acne. Aromatherapy incorporates all natural products, such as essential oils that are derived from plants, flowers, and other organic materials. These oils are mixed with carrier oils to make a treatment for the skin.

In addition to acne prone skin care products, you can also use aromatherapy for every day cleansing as well as just about all of your beauty and hygiene needs. You can purchase essential oils online and learn how to mix recipes that will help you with your skin.

Acne prone skin care products and cleansers are available in just about ever beauty line that sells acne pron skin care. To find the best that works for you, choose one that is within your budget and that you plan on using on a daily basis.