Acne Cure Treatment

What is acne?

When there is excess production of oils from sebaceous glands leading to the inflammation of hair follicles, the condition is called Acne. It is marked by the eruption of pimples. Sometimes hormonal imbalance and stress can be the cause of acne.

How to take care Acne?

The acne prone skin needs more attention, in fact pampering than normal skin. Some of the important acne tips to take care of acne prone skin are:

  • Vigorous cleansing and scrubbing of skin should be avoided. A gentle cleanser or a face wash for oily skin is more suitable.
  • Regular shampoo is also important for the oily hairs and hairs having dandruff. The oil and dandruff from hairs can sometimes be a cause for pimples, especially on the forehead region.
  • We should never perforate or squeeze acne. Avoid the touch with hands as the germs may cause further infection.
  • One of the very important features to be taken care of while using the cosmetics is that the particular product should not block the pores of skin to breathe. Such cosmetic products are called non-comedogenic.


  • In case a person is undergoing any kind of medication, should inform the physician to analyze the side effects of those drugs. Some combination of drugs may aggravate growth.
  • It is essential to make it a habit to remove the make up before sleeping at night so that skin can breathe overnight, try not to apply any moisturizer or lotion.
  • It is important to protect the skin from sunlight as skin tanning may worsen the acne skin conditions. Sometimes acne treatment also increases the sensitivity of skin to sun.
  • It is vital to check our eating habits to have a healthy skin. One of the most harmful food items is the vegetable oil. This oil causes the production of inflammatory hormones which causes excess skin oil resulting in acne. So its intake should be minimized and even stopped if required.

Cure Policy:

Last but not the least we all know prevention is better than cure so try and avoid the cause that can stimulate acne formation.

  • Always try to keep the acne skin clean and pores unblocked.
  • Dust particles and pollutants play a major role in triggering acne problem.
  • So, every time whenever the exposure with dust will take place then it should be associated with rinsing through mild cleanser or just water, but should be dirt free.