1 Day Acuvue Contact Lenses

1 Day Acuvue contact lenses - Are you frightened of using contact lenses for long? Do you want to entangle yourself from this fear? The answer is obvious, as eyes seem to be the Mother of nature's favorite creation. So taking care of this God gifted gem should be the first duty.

How? Is there any way out? Yes! Now you can really imagine yourself wearing daily contact lenses for 24 hours instead few hours a day. Must be thinking is it a dream? No! Thanks to Acuvue Lenses for coming out with their quality approved lenses.

The 1 Day Acuvue lenses are made up of softer fiber which infection resistant. Retaining in mind the eye problems these lenses are made up of new polymer like Silicon and Carbon Fluoride components thereby providing enough water content. This in turn allows the oxygen to permeate into the cornea.

One Day Acuvue Contact Lenses from Johnson & Johnson are used to cure vision defects. But gone were those days. With the innovation of colour range the demand of these lenses has gained a boom in the market and has added more customers in queue. Acuvue tenders you the wide rage of colours giving you a perfect look.

Who can wear them?

Anybody suffering from blurred vision or from astigmatism or presbyopia can use 1 day Acuvue lens to enhance clarity to their vision. It is designed such that it ensures an exceptional clarity. It even promises comfort and health.


    1. Contact lenses bring entire field of view in focus
    2. With these lenses no space left for obstructions and reflections in view
    3. No weight resulting comfort
    4. No distractions which makes these lenses a favourite among athletes
    5. Available with wide range of colours
    6. Contact lenses won't collect precipitation and blue your vision
    7. Contact lenses detract from your natural appearance and let people see your eyes.


1 DAY ACUVUE is a soft daily disposable lenses that provides foremost & first daily disposables with UV-Blocking, which in turn provides the most suitable & healthiest contact lenses. The way in which you can wear the contact lenses is most flexible. You can use these lenses on occasional or regular basis for one day. Hence 1 Day Acuvue lenses are daily disposables; there is no need for the lens cleaning process and no untidy solutions. Also you can feel the happiness of the fresh and clean lenses every day.