Taxation Departments

 Internal Revenue Service Department

The IRS is a world’s renowned bureau of the Department of the Treasury of tax administrators. The IRS reached to the top most position in the list of other big tax administrative departments in 2004 after collecting revenue of more than $2 trillion and processing more than 224 million tax returns.
In 2005, the bureau achieved another success by collecting $100 million of revenue by spending just 44 cents on it.

The foremost mission of the IRS is to provide high quality services to the taxpayers of America to meet their tax responsibilities by applying tax laws fairly and integrally.
To achieve the mission, the IRS and tax payers need to perform specific roles enrolled for them. The roles are categorized below:
  • Every tax law issued by the Congress in the country should be followed and obeyed by every tax giving and taking entity fairly.
  • Every tax payer should understand his role and duties to meet all the tax obligations.
  • The IRS ensures that the tax paid by the individuals and corporations are under the legal terms and helps tax payers in performing all the necessary steps required to file tax calculated for them.
Statutory Authority:

The IRS was set up to perform all the duties enrolled to the secretary of Treasury under section 7801 of the Internal Revenue Code. The secretary has power and role to administer and enforce the internal revenue laws and has full authority to create an agency to precede these laws.
A commissioner is appointed by the department under 7803 code to administer and supervise the execution of tax proceeding according to internal revenue law.

Nevada Department of Taxation
Mission : The mission of the department is to precede fair, efficient and effective proceedings of the tax programs for the state of Nevada according to the applicable statutes, regulations, and policies. The department performs its duties of serving the tax payers, state and local government entities and recognizing the employees of the department.

The department is dedicated to achieve highest standards of professionalism and ethical code of conduct. It is completely committed to provide consistent quality services in fair manner. The department ensures that every male and female employee working for its mission is provided with enough resources, training and support that are needed to encourage their initiative and creative efforts with effective performance.
Goals of the department:
  • Looks for the stable administration of tax statutes.
  • Brings improvements in the compliance through new approaches from education, information and enforcement.
  • Maintains coordination with other agencies and entities to provide best services to taxpayers of the country.
  • Always try to provide better services by improving them.
  • Encourages fair and equitable treatment to taxpayers.
  • Provides maximum training and maintains effective communication to the employees to enhance work proficiency.
  • Includes new technology in the functionalities of the department to improve tax administration.