Taxation Courses

Some highly appreciated taxation courses that are offered by distinguished colleges and Institutions of United States are given below:
Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders:

UCLA Extension provides this course in classroom format. The course is developed to examine the classification of corporations and associations, organization of corporations, transfer of property to and from a corporation, dividend distributions, earnings/profits, property dividends, basic problems in redemption of stock, attribution rules, and partial and complete liquidations. 

The course also provide give knowledge about accumulated earrings, subchapter S and many other taxation attributes related to corporation and shareholders space.

The course is taught in some training centers and venues of the school including Los Angeles and California.

Effect of Taxation on Cash Flows:

UCLA Extension provides this taxation course in classroom format. The course covers modules on introduction of capital budgeting problem based on the real life complication of taxation and leverage.

The course provides information on the methods to examine the impacts of corporate taxes on cash flows and the impacts of debt and depreciation on valuation and capital budgeting.

International Taxation:

UCLA Extension offers this on online mode for professionals from the fields of accounting, tax, and finance, and from other fields, like international business managers, and lawyers working cross-border transactions.

The course provides instructions on the application of U.S. tax law to and by U.S. individuals and entities performing cross-transactions outside the U.S. and foreign nationals who perform transaction in the U.S based on the laws of their country.

Taxation of business and Investment Transactions:

The course is offered by Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management in classroom format.

The course covers lessons on the fundamental concepts of federal income taxation that apply to business and financial transactions typical of most taxpayers, measurement of taxable income (loss) from operations, acquisitions and dispositions of property, nontaxable exchanges, cost recovery, compensation and retirement planning, and investment and personal financial planning.
The course is taught in several training centers of the institute, such as Nashville and Tennessee.

LLM- master of Law and Taxation:

The course is offered by University of Alabama College of Continuing Studies in online mode.  It is an innovative course that transit transitional distance education to live classroom instruction based course.

It is an interactive course in which students interact with professors during class times via internet and by accessing course materials on the institute website. The student and professors communicate each other through chat sessions and by sending e-mails.

Tax Planning

The course is provided by Element K school in online format. The course gives lessons on introduction of taxes (mainly Federal income tax).

The course provides lessons on methods to do tax planning. The course is not only useful for professionals but for ordinary people also, as most of the money we earned go into tax payments. It provides information on legal strategies that are used to reduce federal income taxes.

Chartered Tax Professional (Certificate )
This is a certificate course offered by Carroll Community College in online format. The course provides an opportunity to its students to work while completing the course. The students can start working after completing two courses of this certificate program.
Brief information on some other courses is given below:

Classroom based program provides lessons on computation of regular income tax liability of single, joint, head of household, surviving spouse, and married filing separate taxpayers.

Further it provides lessons on basic structure of the Internal Revenue code and its specific provisions. Methods to evaluate various tax and various excluded and included aspects of taxable income.

Taxation of Employee Compensation  is offered in classroom format.
Tax Planning  is offered in classroom format.