Short Term Loans

Short Term Loans

Short Term Loans Introduction

Short term loans are those loans which have to be repaid in one year time or in a shorter period of time. For obtaining long term loans, you have to get in contact with the banks and sometimes you won’t get qualified for the same. At this time you can apply for Short term loans. Short term loans will help you to finance your business for a small period of time. If you are having a good relationship with your banker you can ask then for Short term loans. Short term loans are those loans where you will get money quickly. Short term loans are processed very fast while compared to other loans. These types of loans can be a bit risky also, as yopu will have to repay the loan within a shorter duration.

Short Term Loans Benefits

Short term loans are helpful. They protect us from emergency situations. For example if you want to replace your old car, Short term loans are helpful. Short term loans should be paid within 3 months of time. In some rare cases time limit is extended for 1 year. These are generally unsecured loans. Short term loans if not paid, will have a negative effect on your credit report. As good credit reports are important to get further loans, this becomes very important. The time period of Short term loans are from 90-120 days. Short term loans are good for small businesses and those which are existing. While issuing Short term loans, the lender can check your credit history. These types of loans do not need collateral. In such cases banks will rely on your credit reports.

These types of loans help you get a good amount of money and once returned you cannot borrow second time. For taking Short term loans there are certain eligibilities that is :

  1. your credit details
  2. availability of your latest balance sheet
  3. A good relationship with the bank.

These types of loans have low interest rates and banks while issuing such loans are more concerned. But almost all banks are often trying to find innovative ideas. So depending upon the needs of your business you need to choose what type of loan you need. This loan shall be repaid quickly. This is the fastest and easy method of financial service that will allow you to access easy funds without any credit inspection and security pledging demand. While dealing with novel businesses, some banks will issue only short term loans, because these types of loans are fewer risky than loans which has long terms that is long term loans.

There should be enough care given while dealing with these kinds of loans. The terms and agreements with the bank also should be studied properly as there are different interest rates levied by different banks. If you opt for a private financial lender, it becomes more risky also. But, for a shorter duration, these loans act as good sources of money.