Return on Investments

Return on Investment (ROI) is a connection between the investments made in the projects and the business results they offer. Few companies have efficient processes to have high ROI. Many companies have low ROI because of depleted budgets and ineffective projects.

Methods to maximize returns on investment (ROI

  • A well-structured ROI analysis should be done to improve information technology and business alignment.
  • Employ a good patent program to earn maximum returns on investment: To have good patent program, a team which have necessary expertise, access of information, and political clout should be selected. The program should identify and focus on the profit components. And technically advance approach with regular market feedback should be incorporated to achieve maximum returns.
  • Implement effective e-marketing approach: Do relevant exchange of information with the client. To have effective communication and campaign, employs several methods:
  • Database segmentation: Segment people in your database on the basis of several traits like age, gender, hobbies, job function, purchase history etc. Put all the necessary information of these people in the database. After segmenting the database, create messages which will be sent to each group, keeping their interests on priority. The marketing team can create more customize messages after Sending these messages and knowing your client better.
  • Enhance the existing database: After segmenting the database, search for the missing information about the groups in the database. A regular survey of all these groups must be conducted to get the missing information.
  • Communicate on regular basis: Communicate with the database you have maintained on regular basis but use a very relevant reason for the communication.
  • Track marketing campaigns: Track the campaigns to know whether everything is working properly or not.
  • Do investment on time: Use the opportunity to make money on time. Give importance to time and take wise decisions for implementing actions on investment.
  • Do investment on time: Use the opportunity to make money on time. Give importance to time and take wise decisions for implementing actions on investment.
  • Search for multiple positives: Search for multiple positives activity to generate positive return in more than one area. The area where positives of different activities intersect is considered as multiple positives.
  • Exclude multiple negatives: Multiple negatives work completely opposite to what multiple positives do. Multiple negatives are the activities which distract a person for doing multiple positive activities together. Making habit of investing poorly in the market will never help in maximizing returns on investment.
  • Use power of compounding: Start doing hard work in your young age to get more interests on the money you invest. The idea is simple, as soon as a person starts investing his money he starts getting interest on it. And more late you invest your money the more late you receive your interest. So, value your time and start investing and saving your money early.


To secure your future you want to have risk-free investments. There are various types of risks, such as, inflation risk, principal risk, credit risk, and liquidity risk.

Inflation risk is the chance of decline in money value you invested due rising price of dollar in market.

Principal risk is the chance of decline or loss of money value you invested.

Credit risk is the chance of obligation on borrower.

Liquidity risk is the chance of not converting your assets into liquid money on time.

Methods to minimize risks on investment

  • While doing investments for retirement, select investment schemes with minimal short-term ups and down. Go for fixed-income investments like bonds and contracts as they pay relatively stable rate of return on investments. The organizations which offer stable returns on investments require a high level of creditworthiness.
  • Don't make a habit of not at all investing your money. If we see the inflation graph of world economy covering last thirty years, we will find that as prices go up, the income also go up. This results in negating the impact inflation risk on investment.
  • Go for diversification: Invest your money in various investment schemes, including different short-term and long-term schemes. This will help you in getting balance results for the investment you did in the market.
    To diversify your investment, start doing investment in
  • Large cap stocks: invest in stocks that have large portion of global operations and business in non-US currencies.
  • Foreign bonds and stocks: Make sure the bonds you purchase are not hedged.
  • Commodities: Investing in hard assets like gold is very beneficial, as, the price of gold always increases in the market.