Refinance Loans

While buying your new home with the help of a home loan, if the sum amount goes very high, so that while to repay the monthly amount becomes your nightmare, then refinance mortgage loan or home loan refinance can provide you with its flexible offers.

Different Refinance home loan:

There are found different types of Home Loan Refinancing facilities as below:

ARM or Adjustable Refinance Mortgage:

The rate of this loan is fixed initially for the years, and then it becomes flexible according to the economic index of the current market. It implies that its interest rate may fluctuate after fixed interest period.

Advantage:Due to the low interest rate, you can be benefited by saving your money and investing it for different purpose.

Disadvantage: The most disadvantageous fact of ARM is that the fluctuating rate, which is subjected to change anytime monthly or yearly. The rate is obviously lower from the fixed rate, but fixed rate is at least stable for several years.

FRM or Fixed rate Mortgage Refinance Loan:

As the name suggests, the interest rate will be fixed for several years. It implies that if you have taken home loan refinance over 20 years, the interest rate will follow the same amount until your loan terms or period completed.

Advantage: The safest part of this loan is that you know from the very beginning how much you are going to pay over the years.

Disadvantage: The rate is higher in comparison to ARM.

Low Cost Refinance:

While considering refinancing of home loan, one has to keep one thing in mind along with the interest rate, and that is the closing cost. It may reach up to such a huge amount that one may become unable to pay it. To facilitate this situation, there is an option of No Cost or Low Cost Refinance loan. It is also known as No Fee Refinancing.


  • With the help of this, one needs not to pay closing cost.
  • Few division of different banks, while offers this loan, there is one benefit included that one can get higher amount of money without paying PMI or Private Mortgage Insurance.
  • Many of the banks even offer higher checking account, if one has mortgage with them.

Disadvantage: Interest rate is higher in comparison to any other loan.

Refinance Home Equity Loan:

Home equity Loan is one of the most flexible and economical type of solution for any kind of borrower.

Advantage: Its interest rate may be tax deductible.

Disadvantage: Before going for lending this loan, one has to be aware of any kind of hidden fees.

Refinance Loan Reverse Mortgage:

It is made for retired persons or elderly persons, who have reached the age of sixty or more. They can get the benefit of tax free income by converting their home equity partially.

Advantage: It is best for earning one's daily living and other expenses without the hassle of tax.


  • It may be risky, while you're selling your home after few years of taking reverse mortgage, it may shorten your income considerably.
  • If you're not selling home at the cost of it owed, then you may find difference in value.
Factors effecting refinancing cost:

1. Span of time spent in your home: It reveals few points to the lender about the borrower:

  • The past payment record
  • Commitment to stick on time

2. Saleable value of the home: Its value is very fictitious, as it fluctuates any time or any day depending on the economic index of the market.

3. Left balance in the existing mortgage: The more remaining value of the mortgage more will be refinance cost. It happens due to interest rate, fees and penalties.

4. Additional Cost: Apart from the final refinance cost, more fees are also involved according to the market.

a) Rest of the Balance amount: Many mortgages don't pay the interest amount; as a result, it also gets adhered with the refinance cost.

b) Penalties for early pay off: Most of the mortgage companies, in order to pay your mortgagee early, set in a place fees.

c) Insurance of homeowners: It is not conventionally any part of refinance cost, but annually one has to keep this amount also in their mind.

Eligibility for refinance:

1.Remarkable credit history: If you want to refinance your existing loan, then you need to show consistency, though good credit record over the past years.

2.Duration of your existing loan: One needs to have at least 4 to 7 years of existing loan, in order to qualify for the refinance benefit.

3.Market economic index: Economic condition of the market and the interest rate complements each other.

4.Home value hiking; Increase in market value of home, can prove to be the enhancer of the refinance cost.

Bad Credit Refinance Loan:

If someone with bad credit history wants to get the benefit of refinance, bad credit refinance is ready for you.

Bad Credit Refinance Loan Benefits:

1.Lower mortgage rate: If after bankruptcy or worst credit history, one wants to get the benefit of refinance. Then although with higher interest rate, by improving the current credit history to some extent, one can avail the bad credit refinance for further benefit. It will cut down the interest rate and lower the monthly payment.

2.Consolidating other credits: It can help you with its lower interest rate to get the benefit of refinance for the higher interest rate or high monthly payment caused by previously taken various loans and credit card balance amount.