Online Stock Trading

Stock Trading

Buying and selling of stocks by and within a certain country including the scope of physical location as well as the activities involved in it is called stock trading.

Physical location, where the stock trading activities like buying and selling of stocks are done, is called stock exchange. The whole scenario of business involved in stock trading is considered under a single term called stock market. Number of stock exchanges present in a particular country depends on the size and economic condition of that country. The world biggest economically grown country, the United States of America, has stock exchanges like the New York Stock exchange (NYSE), NASDAQ, and other big countries have stock exchanges like Tokyo Stock Exchange of Japan, Bombay Stock Exchange of India, London Stock Exchange and Swiss Exchange of Europe, and Shanghai Stock Exchange of People’s Republic of China.

Online stock trading

Previously, big companies and businessmen used to stock trading in the international market with the help of stock brokers. And because of the increasing demand of stock brokers big brokerage houses got established. The trend was very costly and lengthy for the buyers and sellers but with the advancements and developments in the technical scenario in the market the market activities become easy, faster, and less expensive. The advent of Internet in the market reduced the number of stock brokers in the market.

With the help of Internet, the cost given to sell and buy stocks from stock brokers got automatically removed and the transactions are made through computer resulting in much more effective and time efficient process.

Due o the increasing usage of Internet in the stock trading many websites by various leading IT companies are getting developed to sustain the demand in the market

Stock Market Online Investing

Before coming to the stock market online investing, let’s know the meaning of the word called investing.


It is phenomena of putting and making money in and from a work. If it is done in stock market it means stock market investing. Here, investment is done in both aggressive and conservative manner depending on the behavior of market. Prior investing money in the market, it is essential for a person to know the basics of the market.

Stock Market Investing:

Traditionally, investment in the stock market by a company or a person was done with the help of stock brokers. Here, stock brokers used to advice on the strategy to be followed to get maximum profit from the trade. Other than stock brokers, discount brokers also help in knowing the market but in cheaper charges.

When the investment is done through the usage of internet using some online investing tools, the whole process becomes online stock market investing.

No stock brokers are at all required and the advices on market conditions are obtained from the information given on the internet on the latest market condition.

All the investing decision is taken by considering trading conditions of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The NASDAQ system is available for doing online investing. The process is very cost effective and efficient as compare to traditional investing.

In the online stock market investing a large computer network is set up to fulfill the working criteria of buyers and sellers. This investing method is very popular among traders investing in pension funds, mutual funds, and other stocks.

Online Stock market Games:

Some online stock market games are available in the market to make their customers aware of the stock market trading basics and other essentialities. The list includes:

Wall Street challenge: The site offers a contest regarding stock market trading and give its uses chance to win cash prizes based on the results.

Virtual traders: It is stock market simulation where buyers and sellers have their choice to invest in various companies.

The Great Game: The game is for the educational purpose of stock market traders.

The simExchange: The game is for the beginners of the stock market trading. It helps them in knowing about the unknown companies in the market.

Market Conditions

  • Competition is raising high and high in the market from diverse and unknown enterprises. Enterprises are shifting their focus to improve their organizational performance and effectiveness.
  • Quality programs are shifting their focus from manufacturing operations to knowledge and service operations.
  • The market conditions are suggesting that companies are now required to focus on the customer needs and services.
  • The clothing exports of two major markets, the US and UK, is rising very high in the market.
  • The world economy is shifting towards North-North trade due to the steady growth in manufacturing exports.