NSE Certification


NSE's Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM) is a standard certification that is accepted across the nation. It is compulsory for a diverse range of qualified specialists operating in the Indian capital markets. Persons aiming to join the financial arena in India stand a better chance and have brighter job opportunities if they obtain the NCFM certification.

Importance of NCFM:

A major constituent of improvements in the financial industry is the creation of a highly knowledgeable and talented work force in each division of this industry to offer excellent liaison services to people connected with the financial markets.

To supply such superior services, people employed in the financial sector should adhere to certain established regulatory guidelines plus have the essential aptitude and knowledge attained through an assessing and accreditation facility.

Considering the global experience and the requirements of the India financial industry, and backed by the objective of safeguarding investors' interests in the financial sector but more significantly to substantially reduce risks occurring due to a poor insight into the working of the financial markets and mechanisms, the National Stock Exchange, in 1998, initiated a system for examining and accreditation, by starting NSE's Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM).

NCFM assessment and certification has gained prominence in India due to the lack of recognized instruction or preparation on financial markets, particularly in the operations field, even as the market has gone through tremendous change in the past few years.

What is NCFM?

NCFM facilitates taking tests online and is an innovative approach of conducting examinations in India.

NCFM assesses the abilities and erudition necessary to function in the financial markets in a fair and impartial style. It bestows certificates on meritorious candidates thus making certain that the quality of individuals joining this stream is maintained at a superior level for the benefit of a dynamic and established market.

The complete procedure involving examining, evaluating, and preparing marks statement in the NCFM is completely computerized. The NCFM offers flexible schedules and smooth access to applicants via intranet and internet.

NCFM Modules

NCFM presently checks proficiency in the following areas:

  • Financial Markets: A Beginners' Module

  • Derivatives Market (Dealers) Module

  • Capital Market (Dealers) Module

  • Securities Market (Basic) Module

  • FIMMDA-NSE Debt Market (Basic) Module

  • Surveillance in Stock Exchanges Module

  • NSDL - Depository Operations Module

  • Commodities Market Module

  • AMFI - Mutual Fund (Basic) Module

  • AMFI - Mutual Fund (Advisors) Module

  • Corporate Governance Module

  • Compliance Officers (Brokers) Module

  • Compliance Officers (Corporates) Module

  • Information Security Auditors Module (Part-1)

  • Information Security Auditors Module (Part-2)

  • Modules of Financial Planning Standards Board India

By delivering extensive expertise and information in the preferred area, NCFM opens up a world of opportunities for NCFM qualified individuals.