No Credit Check Loans

No credit check is a short term loan considering the poor credit condition of the borrower.

This loan implies that financer doesn't check whether the borrower carries bad, or even slow or no credit score. You can get this loan very fast.

Criteria: Few criteria are to be met to fulfill the eligibility requirement for No Credit Check Loan:

  • Borrower must have a regular job or constant source of income
  • One should earn minimum $1000 monthly
  • One should have a saving or checking account in order to get No Credit Check loan directly to this account.
  • No Fax loan:No Fax loan is a short term loan, and repaid within one paycheck.


  • This loan application takes place mostly via internet or online
  • It takes lesser time to get approved
  • Once it gets approved, the loan directly gets transferred to your checking or saving account
  • Borrower can get this loan anytime of the year.
  • Few companies try to waive off the processing fee.
  • This loan amount is usually up to $500.

  • Disadvantage:

  • It has higher interest rate.
  • No Credit Check Car Loan:Before lending loan to the borrower for getting a car, financer doesn't even check the credit score.

    Unlike any other car loan, you can get loan for

  • New car
  • Used/old car
  • Commercial vehicle etc.
  • No Credit Check Motorcycle loan:Before performing credit check, lenders often get ready to provide loan for purchasing motorcycle.

    No Credit check Signature loan:Signature loan requires signed activation letter in order to serve the purpose of collateral or security. Signature Loan even with bad credit score is possible for different loan types like:

  • Student loan
  • Home renovation loan
  • Debt consolidation and many more

  • Features

  • This loan is generally for 5years.
  • It has higher interest rate like any other bad credit loan.
  • No Credit Check Business loan:Lenders provide business loan even without checking credit record. To make your credit record better, you need to follow few steps:

  • Separate your business credit from your personal credit
  • Enlist your business with IRS and three business credit agencies
  • Make one separate business account
  • No Credit Check Equity loan:Lenders also provide home equity loan without checking the past credit record of the borrower.