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Nigerian Stock Exchange Dealing Members of the Exchange

Adamawa Securities Limited

Kinley Securities Limited

Adonai Stockbrokers Limited

Kofana Securities and Investments Limited

Afribank Securities Limited

Kundila Finance Services Limited,

Afrinvest (West Africa) Limited

Laksworth Investments & Securities Limited

AIMS Asset Management Limited

Lambeth Trust & Investment Company Limited

Alangrange Securities Limited

LB Securities Limited

Allbond Investments Limited

Lead Securities & Investment Limited

Alliance Capital Management Company Limited

Lighthouse Asset Management Limited,

Altrade Securities Limited,


Amyn Investments Limited

LMB Stockbrokers Limited,

Anchorage Securities and Finance Limited

Mact Securities Limited

Anchoria Investment and Securities Limited,

Magnartis Finance and Investment Limited

Apel Asset & Trust Limited

Mainland Trust Limited

APT Securities & Funds Limited

Maninvest Securities Limited

Arian Capital Management Ltd

Marimpex Finance & Investment Co. Limited

Associated Asset Managers Limited

Marina securities limited

Atlass Portfolio Limited

Marriot Securities & Investment Co. Limited

Belfry Stockbrokers Limited

Maven Asset Management Limited

Bestlink Investment Limited

Maxifund Investments & Securities Limited,

Bestworth Assets & Trust Limited

Mayfield Invesments Limited,

BFCL Assets & Securities Limited,

MBC Securities Limited,

BGL Securities Limited,

MBL Financial Services Limited,

BIC Securities Limited

Mega Equities Limited

Bytofel Trust & Securities Limited

Mercov Securities Limited

Cadington Securities Limited

Meristem Securities Limited

Calyx Securities Limited

Meristem Securities Limited

Camry Securities Limited

Midas Stockbrokers Limited,

Capital Assets Limited

Midland Capital Markets Limited

Capital Bancorp Limited,


Capital Express Securities Limited

Mission Securities Limited,

Capital Trust Brokers Limited,

Molten Trust Limited

Cashcraft Asset Management Limited

Monument Securities and Finance Limited,

Cashville Investment & Securities Limited

Mountain Investment & Securities Limited

Centre-Point Investments Limited,

Mutual Alliance Investments and Securities Limited,

Century Securities Limited,

Networth Securities & Finance Limited,

Chapel Hill Denham Securities Limited

Newdevco Investments & Securities Company Limited

Chartwell Securities Limited

Nigerian International Securities Limited

Citi Investment Capital Limited

Nigerian Stockbrokers Limited

City-Code Trust & Investment Company Limited


Clearview Investment Company Limited,

Nova Finance & Securities Limited

Colvia Securities Limited,

Oasis Capital Portfolio Limited

Compass Investment and Securities Limited

Omas Investments & Trust Company Limited,

Consolidated Investments Limited,

Options Securities Limited,


Partnership Investment Company Limited,

Core Trust and Investment Limited

Peace Capital Market Limited

Cowry Asset Management Limited

Peninsula Asset Management & Investment Co. Ltd

Cradle Trust Finance & Securities Limited

Perfecta Investment Trust Limited,

Crane Securities Limited

Phronesis Securities Limited

Crossworld Securities Limited,

Pilot Securities Limited

Crownwealth Assets Management Ltd

Pinefields Investment Services Limited

CSL Stockbrokers Limited,

PIPC Securities Limited,

Dakal Services Limited

Pivot Trust and Investment Company Limited

Davandy Finance & Securities Limited

Platinum Capital Limited

DBSL Securities Limited

PML Securities Company Limited

De-Canon Investment Limited

Primewealth Capital Limited

Deep Trust Investment Limited

Professional Stockbrokers Limited,

Delords Securities Limited

Profund Securities Limited

Dependable Securities Limited

Prominent Securities Limited,

Diamond Securities Limited,

PSI Securities Limited

Dominion Trust Limited


Dynamic Portfolios Limited

Quantum Securities Limited,

ECL Asset Management Limited

Rainbow Securities and Investment Co. Limited

EDC Securities Limited

Readings Investment Limited

Emerging Capital Limited

Redasel Investment Limited

EMI Capital Resources Limited,


Empire Securities Limited

Rencap Securities (Nigeria) Limited

Enterprise Stockbrokers Plc

Resano Securities Limited,

Epic Investment Trust Limited

Resort Securities & Trust Limited,

Equator Finance & Securities Limited,

Reward Investments and Services Limited,

Equity Capital Solutions Limited

Rivtrust Securities Limited

ESL Securities Limited

Rostrum Investment & Securities Limited

ESS Investment & Trust Limited

Rowet Capital Management Limited

Eurocomm Securities Limited

Royal Crest Finance Limited

Excel Securities Limited

Santrust Securities Limited,

Express Discount Asset Management Limited

Securities Solutions Limited,

Express Portfolio Services Limited,

Securities Trading & Investments Limited

F & C Securities Limited


Falcon Securities Limited,

Shalom Investment & Securities Transactions Limited,

FBC Trust & Securities Limited

Shelong Investment Limited

Fidelity Securities Limited,

Sigma Securities Limited,

Fidelity Finance Company Limited,

Signet Investments & Securities Limited,

Financial Trust Company Nigeria Limited

Sikon Securities and Investment Trust Ltd,

Finmal Finance Services Limited

Skyebrokers Limited

First Alstate Securities Limited


First Atlantic Securities Limited,

SMADAC Securities Limited

First Equity Securities Limited

Solid-Rock Securities & Investment Limited,


Spring Stockbrokers Limited

First Stockbrokers Limited

Spring Trust & Securities Limited

FIS Securities Limited,

Springboard Trust & Investment Limited

Fittco Securities Limited

Stanbic IBTC Stockbrokers Limited

Foresight Securities & Investment Limited

Standard Alliance Capital & Asset Management Limited

Forte Asset Management Limited,


Forthright Securities & Investments Limited,

Stanwal Securities Limited,

Fortress Capital Limited

Strategy and Arbitrage Limited

Fountain Securities Limited

Summa Guaranty & Trust Co. Plc.

FSDH Securities Limited,

Summit Finance Company Limited,

Future View Financial Services Limited,

Support Services Limited,

Genesis Securities & Investment Limited

Supra Commercial Trust Limited

Gidauniya Investment & Securities Limited

TFS Securities & Investment Limited

Global Asset Management (Nig.) Limited,

The Bridge Securities Limited

Golden Securities Limited,

Tiddo Securities Limited

Gosord Securities Limited

Tomil Trust Limited,

Greenwich Securities Limited

Topmost Securities Limited

GTB Securities Limited

Tower Asset Management Ltd

GTI Capital Limited

Tower Securities & Investment Co. Limited

Hamilton Hammer & Co Limited,

Trade Link Securities Limited

Harmony Securities Limited

Traders Trust & Investment Company Limited

Heartbeat Investments Limited

TransAfrica Financial Services Limited

Hedge Securities & Investments Co. Limited

Transglobe Investment & Finance Co. Limited,

Heritage Capital Market Limited

Transworld Investment & Secuities Limited

Heritage Investment & Securities Limited,

Tropics Securities Limited,

Horizon Stockbrokers Limited,

Trust Yields Securities Limited

ICMG Securities Limited,

Trusthouse Investments Limited

Icon Stockbrokers Limited

TRW Stockbrokers Limited,

Ideal Securities & Investment Limited

UBA Stockbrokers Limited

Imperial Asset Management Limited

UIDC Securities Limited,

IMTL Securities Limited

UNEX Capital Limited

Independent Securities Limited,

Union Capital Markets Limited

Integrated Trust and Investments Limited

Valmon Securities Limited,

Intercontinental Securities Limited,

Valueline Securities & Investments Limited

International Standard Securities Limited,

Vetiva Securities Limited

Interstate Securities Limited

Vision Trust & Investment Limited

Investment Centre Limited

Wizetrade Capital & Asset Management Limited

Investors & Trust Company Limited,

WSTC Financial Services Limited,

ITIS Securities Limited

WT Securities Limited

Jamkol Investments Limited

Yobe Investment & Securities Limited

Jenkins Investment Limited,

Yuderb Investments & Securities Limited

Kapital Care Trust & Securities Limited