Major Stock Exchanges In The World

Major Stock Exchanges In The World
Region   Stock Exchange  
Africa  Johannesburg Securities Exchange 
Americas  NASDAQ 
Americas  São Paulo Stock Exchange 
Americas  Toronto Stock Exchange 
Americas  New York Stock Exchange
Asia-Pacific  Australian Securities Exchange 
Asia-Pacific  Bombay Stock Exchange 
Asia-Pacific  Hong Kong Stock Exchange 
Asia-Pacific  Korea Exchange 
Asia-Pacific  National Stock Exchange of India 
Asia-Pacific  Shanghai Stock Exchange 
Asia-Pacific  Shenzhen Stock Exchange 
Asia-Pacific  Tokyo Stock Exchange 
Europe  Euronext 
Europe  Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Deutsche Börse) 
Europe  London Stock Exchange 
Europe  Madrid Stock Exchange (Bolsas y Mercados Españoles) 
Europe  Milan Stock Exchange (Borsa Italiana) 
Europe  Nordic Stock Exchange Group OMX1 
Europe  Swiss Exchange 

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