All you need to Know about Boat Loans and APR

One can quite easily get the opportunity to ride in one’s own boat thanks to boat loans.  Many lenders grant boat loans and the prospective boat buyer has to compare the terms and select the most suitable loan.

What is APR?

APR is the annual percentage rate of a loan and is different from the headline rate.  For instance, if the lender is advertising a 10% loan, the borrower would be actually paying more than 10% as he would be paying other fees and charges like loan processing fees, monthly service charges, late fees and so on.  The rate which is derived taking all these into consideration is called APR.

Boat Loans and APR

  • Selecting Boat Loans By Comparing Rate Of Interest

When a person wants to borrow a boat loan, he would first want to know the rate of interest of various loans.  He would then compare the rates and select the loan with the lowest rate.  But selecting a loan in this manner may not be in the best interest of the borrower.  The interest rate will indicate only how much money would be paid as interest on the loan. 

  • Selecting Boat Loans By Comparing APR

Lenders generally charge other fees which also need to be considered.  These fees are not charged uniformly by all lenders.  Without the APR, the borrower would have to first compare the rate of interest and then all the other fees individually, making it a cumbersome process.  When the lender indicates the APR of the loan, it would mean that he has taken into account all the other charges.  So, comparing APRs of different lenders would be the right way to go about selecting a boat loan.

How to Compare Boat Loans and APR?

Manually computing APR would be quite tricky.  The best way to know the APR of a boat loan is to visit the website of the boat loan lender.  For the purpose of comparison, one should visit lending websites which are linked to a number of boat loan lenders.  These websites provide tables with APR comparisons, thus providing ready information to the prospective borrower.