Investment Banking

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What is Investment Banking?

  • A person or organization sometimes acts as an underwriter or mediator for corporations and municipalities issuing securities.
  • Most of them also preserve broker-dealer operations to maintain markets for formerly issued securities and suggest advisory services to investors.
  • Investment banking also has a large role in facilitating mergers and acquisition, private equity placements and corporate restructuring.

Few facts about Investment Banking

  • Unlike traditional banks, investment banks do not accept deposits from and provide loans to individuals also called investment banker.
  • Investment banks help companies and governments (or their agencies) raise money by issuing and selling securities in the capital market (both equity and debt).
  • Almost all investment banks also offer strategic advisory services for mergers, acquisition, divestiture or other financial services for clients, such as:
    • trading of derivatives
    • fixed income
    • foreign exchange
    • commodity
    • Equity security.
  • Trading securities for hard cash or securities (i.e., facilitating dealings, market-making), or the endorsement of securities (i.e., underwriting, research, etc.) is referred to as the "sell side".
  • On the other hand the "buy side" constitutes :
    • the pension fund,
    • mutual funds,
    • hedge funds,
  • The investing public who use the goods and services of the sell-side with the intention of make best use of their return on investment.
  • Many firms have both buy and sell side mechanism.

Technology impact

Technology is major differentiators for any most important investment banker. Every year, investment firms make huge reserves in technology, but the best one makes well-groomed investments as per needed.

Polaris works with its customers to make the accurate technology investments by bringing most important edge insight with skilled professionals, and a meticulous process to every project. In an information-intensive industry where time is of the foremost importance, the rapid and huge software development and operation methodologies helps clients trim down risk in their projects and put them into practice successfully on a better time frame.

Services with the right amalgamation of business analysts, project managers and developers, skilled in the investment banking sphere, Polaris has delivered several projects in difficult areas like Custody Solutions, Mutual Funds, Portfolio Management and Securities.

Administration across the world in many countries like

  • US,
  • UK,
  • Switzerland,
  • Taiwan,
  • India,
  • Singapore,
  • Malaysia,
  • Dubai

Polaris offers comprehensive solutions in the areas of :

  • Mutual Funds
  • Portfolio Management
  • Securities Administration
  • Custodial Services
  • Secured Loans

Multinational investment banking

  • A multinational investment banker has banking teams which are led by senior partners who have influence in their clients all over the world, experience and associations with many of the most important market players, regulators and top industry bodies. All listen to their firms' clients and comprehend.
  • The outcome is the generation of the center of attention on the issues that really matter.
  • These approaches provide the firm clients with a well established service in their markets.
  • These give them access to specialized assistance which is characterized by obligation to national markets, and a perceptive of the commercial and cultural differences between countries.

Policies of firm

The firms have different policies to overview the following aspects:

  • Growth: The investment banks are freshly enjoying an almost extraordinary stage of strong economic conditions and growth, which has enabled them to bring record gain. The industry has greatly stabilized in current years around a handful number of major players, and there have been few latest mergers and acquisitions.
  • Performance: The prime attention in the investment banking industry has always been on top-line growth, rather than decreasing cost and efficiency. Focus on people and cost control in the current has a very positive phase that suggests that investment banks are learning to control through good times and bad.
  • Governance: Good quality governance, domestic controls, and reporting are decisive in an industry that thrives on risk. Although there continues to be examples of disastrous breakdowns in controls, leading to major trading sufferings, these tend to turn up more in the hedge funds, as new entities to the market. Many of the more veteran players have implemented policies and initiatives that guard against these losses. The control device continues to claim high values of governance and control.

Recent Scenario of Investment Banking

  • Struggle for investment banking jobs is severe. Investment banks and financial services firms are hiring, but competition for jobs is fierce.
  • Knowledge & financial skills are crucial. In particular, greater financial skills and experience are essential for potential applicants to attain an aggressive circumference in the interview and hiring process.