Investment Bankers

Financial Services


Investment bankers are regarded as those persons who generally give consultation to their valued clients in order to sort out any of their high level issues that may have taken place in their financial organization.

Functions of Investment Bankers

Apart from advising the investment bankers also performs various functions such as:

  • Investment bankers administer the bonds-issuance.
  • Commend and perform way-out to take over and collaborate with other organization
  • Control the selling of the stock of their organization to the general public.
  • They also play the role of strategists in order to solve out financial problems of their clients
  • They also help the clients to develop their financial policies and also apply them.
  • Even investment bankers act as the vital figures in molding economies of the entire globe, managing collaborators of multibillion-dollar conglomerates and tackling the Government asset's privatization.
  • Since all the works are time consuming investment bankers also work for prolong hours.
  • Investment bankers also emerge new innovative ideas and schemes for developing strategies to pitch to clients
  • Prepare pecuniary analyses and documents
  • Work with the sales teams of their banks in selling the bonds and stocks which are produced by the investment-banking department's activities.
  • Investment banker also represents a pecuniary establishment that is in the business of increasing capital for corporations and municipalities
  • An investment banker should not accept deposits or make commercial loans.
  • Even Investment bankers do the grunt work for IPO's and bond issues.
  • An investment banker at cosmopolitan standard also possesses banking panels which are controlled by superior associates who have authority and experience in their clients through out the world.
  • Investment bankers provide access to dedicated assistance which is featured by commitment to national markets and an understanding of the profitable and edifying differences between various countries.
  • The investment banks can enjoy an unexpected stage of strong economic conditions and growth which enables them to transport trace gain through the advice of the investment banker.
  • Even it is the work of the investment bankers to spotlight on people and cost control in the present situation also suggests controlling economy during good and bad times.
  • The major concentration in the investment banking industry has always been on growth at utmost level rather than diminishing cost and competence. But investment bankers take care of all the aspects thoroughly in a very efficient manner so that improvement takes place in the entire segment.
  • The investment bankers maintains and performs all the functions is a very effective procedure without any loss incurred on the firms or organizations as the total financial and investment filed are governed by him.

Attributes of Investment Bankers

  • As the work also involves various fiscal analyses so a well-built background in finance and economics is the prime necessity.
  • Not only this but also personal and strategic skills are significant for investment bankers.
  • Need to work for at least 70 hours a week or more and all night sessions before deals close are treated as the norms rather than the exception.
  • Investment Banker must be efficient and tactful enough to manage all the operation at a single point of time.

Qualification for Investment Bankers

  • A Masters in Business Administration with 2 years of post-graduate study is essential to grow up in this particular area.
  • Jobs in entry-level for analyst programs are obtainable to those graduate undergoes who require experience in investment banking profession.
  • Analysts are essential in making proposals in finance and travel in order to sit with the clients during meetings and sessions where senior bankers discuss ideas to potential customers.
  • After this comes the requirement of MBA degree holder investment banker.

Career prospect of Investment Banker

  • Generally, the investment bankers visit to in-house financial jobs along with a client of their previous banking organization as financial officers and analysts.
  • Some bankers pursue law degrees and turn into experts in corporate-law and fiscal.
  • Bankers after becoming satisfactorily renowned among the clients who kept faith on them due expertise in their prospective fields can pursue the career as an entrepreneurs.

Thus, it is necessary for all the organizations to possess an investment banker to manage the operations.