International Tax Attorneys

Tax Attorneys

Tax Attorneys are legal advisers or professionals who give their advice to people regarding any matter related to taxation. The matter may include tax planning, solving any taxing disputes, representing their clients in any case related to civil and criminal taxation. The attorneys help their clients by giving some tips to minimize their tax liabilities.

PRole in tax planning

In tax planning the tax attorneys help their clients in getting exemptions or rebates in their taxes, provide tricks to minimize their taxes, and helps them in filling tax returns easily and correctly. Tax attorneys support their clients in understanding the difference between federal and state law and aware them about their rights regarding the exemptions they can achieve, as certain state laws offer exemption to their senior citizens.

Some companies which are alleged in some civil or criminal investigations also hire tax attorneys to help them in getting out of that situation. In these cases, the attorneys help their clients by representing them in front of International Revenue Service (IRS) and government and by fighting for them. In case the client was found guilty, the tax attorneys try to negotiate with the opposite party, in order to reduce the claiming amount quoted by them.

It is advisable to every tax paying party to not to use any legal loopholes to minimize their tax amount without having proper knowledge of it. As it can take that person to any unwanted troublesome condition.

While, selecting between tax attorneys or tax advisor, it is suggested to go for tax attorneys because the confidential level between the client and the tax attorneys is very high as compare to with tax advisors.

Selection of right tax attorneys is very important to get the job done. There are many types of tax attorneys working in the market

Such as:

  • Home
  • Business Tax Attorneys
  • Income Tax Attorneys
  • International Tax Attorneys
  • Property Tax Attorneys
  • Tax Debt Attorneys
  • Tax Fraud Attorneys

International tax attorneys

International Tax Attorney acts as an advisor who gives his advice regarding any matter related to international tax. The advice is given to anyone who holds his income from international scenario, like from multinational organizations, US citizens living abroad, and to citizens having their property, assets, or business abroad.

The advice given by attorney helps his client in getting advantage in legal exemptions and credits without the risk of frauds. The attorney plans the taxing system of a company and further helps it by providing beneficial advices regarding mergers, joint ventures, expansion, contracts, and leases. While negotiating for its client on international level, the attorney settles down the case on the basis of tax agreements between the US and other countries.

Services of non-resident US citizens

The international tax attorneys help their US clients in getting some tax exemption in the foreign country where they are residing and to the IRS.

The tax exemption will be on the double income and property tax they pay at both places.

Any non-resident US client can consult these attorneys, in case, if they are having problems related to foreign tax laws, customs duty, income tax laws, and pricing of tax. With this, if the client is facing any case of tax fraud in foreign place, he can consult the attorney for help.

In case, the client is settled down in some foreign place and wants to own some property in the US, he can choose international tax attorney to support him in finishing the documentation part of the deal and then with property tax on that property.

Multinational companies are also seeking major support from these attorneys in expanding their business in foreign places. The attorneys take care of tax laws of each country and help its client in guiding him the right way to work in foreign place.

Similarity with tax lawyers

There are some similarities in the working criteria's of both tax attorneys and tax lawyers.

Tax lawyers help their client in tax planning and tax laws as same as tax attorneys.

They help their client in finishing all the relevant documentation part of the tax planning. In addition to this, in negotiation with Inland Revenue, they support their client in knowing his legal rights as taxpayer.