How Can You Avoid Debt Consolidation Scams

The debt consolidation industry is far from new, however, with the increased number of people falling on hard times, the amount of scams present have increased. Some companies are purely scam artist, while others may only offer subpar services in exchange for high fees.

The cost of personal loans for debt consolidations has gone down. As a result, more and more people are turning to the option. The downside, however, such a hasty decision can cost you immensely in the future and there are many people looking to take advantage of those in trouble. Before signing on to the first lender that comes your way, it is paramount that you consider a few tips prior to starting a debt consolidation program to avoid scams.


The first thing you should do is shop around. The mistake that most people make is that of confining to the first option that gets in the way. Consequently, they end up locking themselves away better deals readily available in the market. If you need the most comprehensive debt consolidation program, you have to look at what different companies are offering. You should also consider reading the small print carefully before moving forward and offering your personal information.

Understand the deal

In the search for a debt consolidation company, the primary field of focus is usually on the rates. While important, you must understand that there is more to a debt consolidation program than the interest rates offered. Before you make an application, speak at length with the debt consolidation company to find out the process, fees and risk involved. Ask about the total amount repayable, the terms and conditions and anything else that might affect the process. If the conditions are unfavorable to you, search for an alternative option.

Early repayment charges

It is not all the time that you will need to repay back the loan at the end of the specified period. At times, you might get lucky and have the money to settle the total sum at once. In the anticipation of such luck, you should look at the charges associated with early repayments. If you feel there is a better chance you will get the money to settle the debt consolidation loan in advance, search for a lender offering the most favorable deals on early repayments.

Consider Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

This is an insurance that covers your monthly loan or the agreed credit card repayments in case you are unable to meet your loan obligations. If you need this coverage, it is crucial that you shop around for the most favorable deal. Always make sure you understand what is required in the cover and be sure you really need it before applying.

Consider alternatives

Out of desperation, most people go for loans without first looking at their alternatives. In spite of a personal loan for debt consolidation being important, it is vital to understand that it is not always the best financing option. Exhaust on all the options you can use to get the money you need prior to applying for the personal loan.