Florida Department of Financial Services

Financial Services

Before coming to Depatment of financial services, it is necessary to understand what a financial service means:

Financial Services:

Financial services are the services provided by the finance industry of a country to uplift the financial status and to fulfil the financial requirements of their cleints and members. Insurance companies, banks, consumer finance companies, etc, are all part of the finance industry. In the United States, every organization stated above are working and placing themselves as financial service providers.

Department of Financial Services:

Almost every developed and developing country in the world has departments, located in different states, to govern the financial service industry of that particular state. Similarly, in the United States, department of financial services in Florida governs the financial service industry compiling the securities, insurance, banking, and housing industries of the state under the governance of the United States House Committee. The governing entity also looks at the working criteria of the Federal Reserve, the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission.

The department of financial services (DFS in Florida is the initiator for implementing money saving and effective services provider program for its client in the administration of insurance company receiverships.

The department is divided into a number of divisions and offices to fulfill financial requirements of people from different sectors. Such as:

  • Administration
  • Agent and Agency services
  • Natural disasters insurance
  • Worker compensation
  • Life insurance

Worker Compensation:

The worker compensation division educates and informs all its stakeholders about their rights and responsibilities. The division process and execute system data, stored to process their claims, and monitors the system data to ensure that obligation are met.

Agent and Agency services:

The division includes the Division Director's Office, the Bureau of Licensing and the Bureau of Investigation and is stated in Chapters 624, 626, 632, 634, 635, 642 and 648, Florida Statutes, and Chapters 69B-211 through 69B-231, Florida Administrative Code.

Rules and regulations related to license qualification, pre-licensing and continuing education of all agents, customer representatives, adjusters, reinsurance intermediaries, service representative, and insurance agencies are supervised by the Bureau of Licensing. On the other hand, the Bureau of Investigation employs investigators, support personnel, and managers to investigate the alleged violations of the Florida Insurance Code by licensed and unlicensed persons.

Disaster Assistance:

The division helps in stakeholders in getting insurance claims at time of loss through natural disasters such as earthquake, hurricanes.

Advancement in System:

The DFS is using recently developed web-based application, named Claim Net, to help its financial insurance claimants in submitting, updating and checking claim place by them more easily and quickly. The governing management of the department is continually trying to improve the processing part of the financial services. And now, with Claim net program the task has become much easier and cost effective.

Florida Single Audit Act:

The state financial assistance, which was provided to non-state entities, was further strengthened by the establishment of the State audit and accountability requirements. These requirements were put in place by the Florida Single Audit Act. The main motive behind this Act is that the accountability requirements and state audit should be as much beneficial as possible and parallel the federal audit requirements.

Some of the rules of the Chapter 69I-5 Schedule of Expenditures of State Financial Services are listed below:

  • 691-5.001 Applicability: Various entities to which these rules are applicable include, state agencies awarding state financial agencies and to independent auditors, sub-recipients, and recipients of state financial service.
  • 691-5.003 Format of Schedule: According to the rule, the schedule of expenditures of state financial assistance should be part of Schedule of Expenditure of federal awards and State Financial Assistance of non-state entities.
  • 691-5.007 State Project Compliance Supplement: The state Project compliance supplement is updated through the evaluation of state projects by state awarding agencies and department. Proper completion and submission of the agency reporting form by the state rewarding agencies are necessary.