Financial Service Companies

Financial Services

Financial Services are very essential to an organization's functioning as now-a-days, companies can provide lot of benefits to their business by these services.

A recent study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EUI) depicted that about 600 global senior level banking and insurance executives are on a common platform that the current scenario of technology-led innovation and changing customer's needs is definitely going to manipulate their way of conducting business between now and the year 2010. The results also presented the ability to adapt business models as one of the major sources of competitive advantage in the coming years of banking and insurance industry. This result was based on a survey of 577 senior executives in the financial services industry.

Business 2010: Financial Services and Embracing the Challenge of Change:

  • "New models are increasingly crucial to competitive advantage" say more than 60% executives.
  • Fiercer competition is expected from mergers and acquisition.
  • Timely management of data and accuracy are found be essential.
  • Compliance and technology are essential.

Banks and insurers are re-strategizing their business and function models to stay competitive in the industry and to offer best possible solutions to their clients. In today's scenario, they will be looking to new and different technology, which was initially resisted by a large group of this industry's players. To drive business change in this arena, SAP strategy of enabling innovative business processes and opening of SAP Net weaver platform supports the requirements of various financial services executive.

Global Financial Services Companies Choose Borland To Elevate Software Capabilities

Several of the top financial service companies from around the world have chosen Borland's solutions, which is a global leader for software Delivery Optimization solutions to help them achieve the highest value from their software. For delivering quality software on time and within budget, cost, competitive pressures and increasing compliance in the financial sector are pushing companies to invest in the training, tools, and processes.

Financial companies can improve the predictability and quality of their software as well as increase the value of that software to their business by making software delivery a more managed business process.

To simplify complex development environments and keep pace with rapid changes in business demands, Borland is playing very essential role in financial institutions around the world. Many companies are turning to Borland's requirements management, change management, modeling and process-centric development solutions to optimize software development efforts and manage these risks.

Now-a-days, in USA, almost every company, which previously defined themselves as a bank, insurance company, or brokerage house, now describe themselves as a financial services institution. For example, E*TRADE has expanded into offering bank accounts and loans whereas Bank of America offers full-featured brokerage products. To diversify banks earnings and to reap the benefits of the ongoing trends, such companies buy an insurance company or an investment bank, which simply keeps the original brands of the acquired firm and adds the acquisition to its holding company, thereby increasing its market presence.

Looking at various incentives gained by the combination of different things with one company, a bank would simply create its own brokerage division or insurance division and also attempt to sell these brokerage and insurance products to its existing customers in the market.

Bank services: "What they do"?

Primary operations of banks:

  • Allowing withdrawals as well as keeping money safe.
  • By the issuance of checkbooks. Any kind of payment can be delivered by post.
  • Banks provide mortgage loans.
  • Overdraft agreements are provided by the banks for the temporary advancement of the bank's own money. This helps the banks to meet monthly spending commitments of a customer in their current account.
  • To settle credit advances monthly, provide Charge card advances of the Bank's own money for customers wish.
  • Provide Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) that allow financial transactions at branches.
  • A check is provided for guaranteed by the Bank itself and prepaid by the customer like a cashier's check or certified check.

Some transaction of banks' 'Financial products"

Main financial products are as listed below:

  • Saving products
  • Investment products
  • Insurances
  • Mortgages

Commercial bank

Commercial bank is nothing but it commonly considered as a 'bank'. Where commercial word is used to distinguish it from an 'investment bank' that is a type of financial services entity which instead of leading money directly to a business, in form of equity (stock) or debt (bonds), help businesses raise money from other firms.