Financial Planning Services

Financial Services

The Financial Planning Service is offered as a service option to long- term investors and is recommended in a static investment style with the asset category as mutual funds. The planner is considered to be generally suitable for long-term investors, who overlook the short-term swinging of the financial markets and wish to take an asset allocation-based long term investment outlook. This way of operation is steady asset allocation, based on a theory that long term investing in the swinging and volatile financial market, over a long time period will help the client achieve already stated goals.

Financial Planning Takes into Account:

  • Desired asset allocation, risk profile, and return expectations
  • Cash flow development in correlation to all expenses and income. Inflation and outflows due to loans are considered in building the financial plan.
  • Future goals of clients, which include retirement benefits, housing, and children's education / marriage, or other needs that vary from customer to customer.

The Client would be Offered the Following:

  • An exclusive Financial Plan for the particular customer, which indicates the required savings to meet the stated goals
  • Asset Allocation
  • Monthly reports
  • Review on quarterly basis by the dedicated advisor

The concept of Financial Planning Services is further discussed with three different examples mentioned below:

1. Smith Barney's Planning Services

Smith Barney's Planning Services includes an optimum combination of various business units, which specialize in different customer-oriented areas of financial planning. Some of these are:

  • retirement planning
  • education funding
  • estate planning
  • insurance services
  • Charity planning.

Personal Financial Analysis:

An accurate and honest assessment of a customer's present situation is considered as the best way for future planning, at Smith Barney. This is cited as the main reason for which the Financial Advisor offers clients with complimentary financial analysis on retirement planning, education funding, estate planning, employee stock options, retirement plan distributions, asset allocation and debt management etc.

Funding a Child's Education:

College costs are rising. If one wants to be ready for the funding of his/her child's education, the Financial Advisor can help to clarify the child's education goals and identify the potential costs. Once the needs are known, Smith Barney has a wide gamut of education funding options, which includes 529 College Savings Plans, UGMA/UTMA accounts etc.

Planning for a Comfortable Retirement:

The hurdles to a secure retirement are well known: inflation, taxes and increased life expectancies etc. The Financial Advisor can help one in the creation of a plan and in identification of investments aimed at reaching various goals-investments like Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, and retirement plans for business owners. There is also an option of taking appropriate payout amounts from the retirement accounts, which lead to a reduction in taxes and penalties.

Preserving and Transferring Wealth:

Careful estate planning could ensure that the accumulated will be preserved and distributed to the customer's heirs, according to the customer's wishes. The Financial Advisor at Smith Barney, together with the firm's advanced planning specialists, can provide the client with a custom analysis, which aids in the exhibition of a broad range of estate planning vehicles and high-net-worth financial planning strategies.

Insurance Services for Preserving Wealth:

Smith Barney can help preserve the assets that one has accumulating in years. It offers life and long term care insurance and can also provide a comprehensive analysis and review of customer's needs.

2. Citigroup Trust

The Citigroup Trust affiliated trust companies are in the business of proposing a broad range of personal trust features so that they can aid the customer in meeting his/her needs as well as of their families. Continuous advice of one's Financial Advisor, accessibility to a gamut of investment management opportunities, and administration by an experienced Trust Officer are some of the facilities provided by the Citigroup's Trust Account, thereby establishing it as a comprehensive financial program.

Preserving and Protecting: Planning for Individuals with Special Needs:

  • Citibank, N.A.
  • Citicorp Trust, NA (California)
  • Citicorp Trust, N.A. (Florida)
  • Citicorp Trust South Dakota
  • Citicorp Trust Bank, fsb
  • Smith Barney Corporate Trust Company.

The service providers mentioned above are combined under one roof as Citigroup Trust, while the entities are known as the "affiliated trust companies".

3. Financial Planning Services Australia Pty Ltd

Financial Planning Services Australia Pty Ltd, which was established in the year 1985, is now one of the largest boutique Financial Planning Companies in the Australian continent. It has over 30 financial planners nationally with in excess of $750 million under advice. Financial Planning Services Australia Pty Ltd holds Australian Financial Services License No: 225982 and is owned and managed by employees and a group of directors. The company boasts of being the Principal Members of the Financial Planning Association of Australia and provides objective investment and financial planning advice.

Commitment to Service:

At Financial Planning Services Australia Pty Ltd, client's needs are the topmost prioirty. It is being practiced that the company's clients are not dependant upon the company, but that the company dependant upon them.

The company believes that it is rewarded in two ways. The first is through fees received from the client or commissions for services performed and the second is through client's recommendation to friends and associates.

The services offered by Financial Planning Services Australia include risk management and insurances, investment strategies, full service share broking, advice on term deposits, advice on superannuation, tax planning, self-managed superannuation funds, and advice on retirement planning and Centre link benefits.