Credit Card Processing Services

An effective and reliable credit card processing service can aid a business in increasing its sales by enabling the owner in accepting all forms of payment from anywhere around the world, at anytime around the clock. With en effective and reliable credit card processing service, the following features are possible:

Acceptance of all Forms of Payment - With a skillful and effective credit card processing service, one’s business can easily perform the tasks of acceptance and verification of payments from all major cards (credit and debit cards) and checks (electronic and traditional checks).

Acceptance of Payments Anywhere in the World - The traditional way of conducting businesses change everyday. With a good credit card processing service, payment can be accepted anywhere in the word, irrespective of the means. Transactions, which are processed online, at a retail store or at a remote location with internet access, such as an internet café or office kiosk, can be confirmed immediately. Most of these services will also allow manual entry of information if something is sold away from the internet access.

Get Online Fraud and Online Security Protection - A valuable, effective and first-rate service generally offers security protection by the employment of state-of-the-art encryption technology to give you and your customer, absolute peace of mind during the processing of credit card information. Many of these credit card services will process using a VeriSign SSL Certificate, without the need to purchase a certificate separately. This also avoids the purchase of an Address Verification Service (AVS) to protect against the fraudulent and malign use of a particular credit card.

As a sum total, any business suffers if the owner cannot take payments from customers, who are ready to buy at that particular moment. The three main reasons are summed up below, owing to which, one’s business needs this capability:

  • The prospective customers want secure transactions
  • The prospective customers want transactions to be made from just about anywhere in this world
  • The business can accept just about any kind of payment, whether online or by any trusted and secure means.

How to select a particular Credit Card Processing Service?

It is really tough for a prospective customer to decide that which credit card processing solution suits for the business, keeping in the mind the fact that there are so many choices available in the market. The following factors can help a person in deciding upon the choice of a suitable credit card processing service:

  • Approval Rating – This criterion, which is evaluated by the percentage of approved applicants, is the average of its approval rate, the processing speed, and the application fee. An accommodating credit card processing service is expected to have a high approval rate and processes the application quickly and without a fee.
  • Monthly Cost – A southwards monthly cost helps in downsizing the overhead costs. A competitive credit card processing company requires a pretty small monthly fee, aided with clear understanding about ongoing fees and costs.
  • Cost of Start-Up – Credit card processing companies shouldn't charge the customer an excess amount to set up a merchant account and a payment gateway.
  • Time required for Setup of Account – An effective and competent credit card processing service will expedite the application and get you in business as quickly as possible. This is possible even to the extent that some credit card processing services can approve the application and set-up an account within 24 hours time.
  • Customer Service – Dependable and accessible customer service responds to the complaints round the clock. The processing service should offer many ways of contact including telephone, mailing services or instant messaging. The response of the credit card processing service should be quick and should provide relevant information.
  • Online Features (Internet Based) – Most credit card processing companies generally offer more than one type of virtual terminal. Some other companies also offer an online merchant account and payment gateway.
  • Point Of Sale (POS) Features – A typical variety of POS options and swipers (card readers) should be available through the service provided by the credit card processing organization. This is especially important if the business is being operated from a remote location.

With a good credit card processing service, somebody’s business can increase the sales and flexibility and give your customers many payment options.

Top Providers of Credit Card Processing Services

A list of credit card processing companies is discussed below:

Card Service

This company is accredited with receiving the best reviews of various credit card servicing companies. The company is given an approval rate of 98%, from its various customers. One of the important features that could be segregated is the time taken by this company to get the business ready to use credit cards. As per the customers’ feedback, the company takes one day, whereas other companies may take up to 5 or 6 days.

Merchant Warehouse

Merchant Warehouse company features itself just next to the top in its ratings. Merchant Warehouse company has an approval rating, which is actually at 99%. One serious bottleneck with this organization is that they take 1 to 2 days to get the customer ready for business.

Merchant Accounts Express

This credit card processing company features third in the ratings. Merchant Accounts Express benefit, along with the fact that it does charge a set-up fee, is that Merchant Accounts Express has the lowest of the monthly rate. Merchant Accounts Express also boasts itself of a 98% approval rate.

An indicative list of other online credit card processing companies includes:

  • Electronic Transactions, Inc.
  • Merchant Credit Card
  • Int. Media Solutions
  • Total Merchant Service
  • AmeriMerchant

The History of Credit Card Processing

The evolution of some of the first electronic processing systems could be traced back to 1997. Some of the companies, which offered this service at that were:

  • First Virtual Inc.
  • Cybercash Inc.
  • Digicash.

These stopped functioning later as they were not able to make a sufficient profit. Also, after some years of its functioning, Verisign bought out Cybercash.

In the recent times, Ebay signed an agreement, which has permitted Paypal (owned by Ebay) to take charge and control of Verisign's e-commerce business. Paypal is now the new controller of Verisign.