Credit Card Offers

Credit card is a means by which you can purchase a material thing without paying (at that particular time). You can pay the bill one or two months later than the actual date of purchase. The reason for this is that the bill cycle of credit cards generally varies from one to two months. However, by this, one could always enter the vicious cycle of credit carrying if the credit card bills are not paid on time by the customer. The irony is that credit card companies thrive on this prospect only and there are numerous companies / financial institutions, which are making millions of money by these means only.

Sometimes, it is pretty difficult to avoid the temptation offered by the credit cards as materialistic pleasures always rule the roost against your own will power. It becomes imperative that one can always indulge, as against the convenience and leisure the credit cards offer. Once the credit card issuer offers you a credit card, no one can wait for it to be approved and to use credit cards to pay for items and services. To avoid going beyond your credit limit, one should know when to resist and avoid the convenience offered by the credit cards. The customer should exactly know how much the service provider or the store merchant is collecting from what you owe to the credit card company. Also, one shouldn't allow yourself spend what you don't think you cannot pay. One should slowly learn how to pay off the credit card bills each month, as long as one is paying a minimum amount each time because this is exactly what is offered by various credit cards: interest on the balance one owes at the end of each period if he/she does not pay the full balance every time the credit card bill arrives.

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If you are having problems saying "no" to credit card offers, the most practical way to prevent in engaging into another compromise is a little bit of reality that what is the exact amount these credit card issuers get from the transaction one engage with them. Although credit card offers the almost priceless campaign, plugged with ultimate convenience, the companies who offer credit cards, generate high profits from the customers they have issued the card. The basic fact is that reciprocal to what the credit card offers, is the high rate of interest. The convenience offered by different credit cards also accounts for the interest on credit cards, which is just one way of increasing the profits of these companies. This interest, then, forms a part of the total profits enjoyed by these credit card companies, for every credit card issued by them to their customers.

Credit Cards Security Codes

There are also those companies or financial houses, which charge an ANNUAL fee as part the credit card offer. But most of these companies sometimes charge the following also:

  • late fees
  • over-the-limit fees
  • other "miscellaneous" charges

These charges are often mistaken by the credit card holder as part of the service charge. Now, when one knows how much he/she really "contributes" to the companies' profit every time a payment has been made against the credit card —would you still be amazed by the offers provided by the credit card ?

Credit Card

What you can do?

Some of the following tips can help you veer away from the constant misleading promises and overwhelming credit card offers:

  • Before you start thinking what a certain credit card offers, think first what's the purpose of filling out an application for a credit card?
  • Why do you need it?
  • Are you sure that you can adhere yourself with some other conditions, which some other card has to offer?

However, if the customer still is in requirement of a credit card, he/she should look for the most suitable type of credit card, which is offering the exact rewards what he/she is looking forward to. Sometimes, it is not enough to have a credit card based of what they offer. More often than not, it is always helpful to understand the terms of what the credit card offers before you actually getting the card. One should always take time to review the disclosures of terms and fees, which might appear on credit card offers received by the prospective customer.

If you surrender to the idea of having a credit card, you must learn to pay bills punctually so the interest and charges are as low as possible. It also needs a bit of financial expertise to read monthly statements while keeping the copies of sales receipts so the charges could be compared. Indeed, having a credit card has become an irresistible part in the consumer's psyche. This also concretes the fact the customer should understand the responsibilities of owning a credit card and not just blindly follow the offers made by various credit card issuers.

Various broad categories of credit cards are mentioned below:

Differentiation by type of Credit Card

  • Low interest credit cards - These are the credit cards with 0% introductory APRs & low fixed rate offers
  • Balance transfer credit cards - Balance transfer credit cards transfer the high interest balance onto a different type of credit card, which is having a low APR.
  • Rewards credit cards - Credit cards that "reward" you for your purchases and points
    • Retail
    • Gas
    • Hotel
    • Home Utility
  • Cash back credit cards - Credit cards that allow you to earn cash back on various purchases made by you
  • Airline Credit Cards - Earn frequent flyer miles with an airline credit card and get discounts
  • Instant Approval cards - Get approved loans instantly on select credit cards from specific banks
  • Prepaid and Debit cards - Control your spending with debit cards
  • Credit cards for bad credit - Cards for people, who have bad credit or less than perfect credit
  • Student credit cards - Credit cards for high school & university students
  • Business credit cards - Cards for corporate & business owners

Credit Quality

Prospective customers can always choose by credit differentiation:

  • Excellent credit
  • Good credit
  • Fair credit
  • Bad credit
  • No credit history

Bank or Issuer

Customers can choose from the various bank/financial houses, which are offering credit cards:

  • Advanta
  • American Express
  • Bank of America
  • Capital One
  • Chase
  • Citibank
  • Discover
  • First Premier Bank
  • HSBC Bank
  • MasterCard
  • Orchard Bank
  • Visa

Credit Card Offers

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  • Credit Card Balance Transfer Offers
  • Credit Card Cash Rewards Offers
  • Credit Card Airline Rewards Offers
  • College Student Credit Card Offers
  • No Annual Fee Credit Card Offers
  • Hotel Rewards Credit Card Offers