Can You Get Free Debt Consolidation Services

Being mired in debt can be stressful not only on your finances, but it can also be emotionally draining. The worst feelings in the world are knowing that you may not be able to take care of the bills or feed your family. There are many programs out there to help people who have high bills, debt consolidations is only one of those options.

If you have a large debt load and are finding hard to manage your expenses, debt consolidation is one way to reduce your overall monthly payments while getting your financial path pointing back to the right direction. In most cases, consumers will have to take out a specialized loan that has been tailored for the purposes of consolidating debt. This loan can’t be used for anything other than to pay creditors directly.

Being in debt also means you have very little if any extra funds, so its natural to wonder about the cost involved with debt consolidation services. The majority of companies do charge a fee when providing debt settlement services, but those fees are usually minimal, much less than you would have to pay in late charges or court fees due to collections.

For profit companies or consolidation lawyers will lay out their fees in black and white prior to working with you. In addition to clear cost scheme, these fees will be collected up front. Comparison shopping for and affordable consolidation service will ensure that you can get the help you need while staying in your available budget.

There are also some consolidation companies that offer their services on a non-profit basis. As a consumer in need of help, they will work with you to manage your finances, deal with outstanding balances, council you on money management as well as work with your creditors to reach a payment arrangement for all of your debts. These types of companies won’t charge you for these services, but that doesn’t mean they don’t earn money from consolidating your debts. Instead of charging the consumer, free debt consolidation companies will negotiate with the various creditors to reach a settlement amount, and then get a portion of that amount as return for collecting full payment.

Free debt consolidation is a good option if you are too deep in debt, but want to avoid filing bankruptcy. Also, if you cant afford the fees involved with a regular consolidation company, this is a good option. You should be aware that for profit companies go about settling debts by setting you up on a payment plan that doesn’t close your accounts with the creditors. The majority of free companies, in order to gain fees, tend to settle accounts for lower amounts while closing those some accounts.

In some cases, closing an account may be the best choice. However, anytime a creditor closes your account has a negative impact on your credit score, even if the account has been paid off. When dealing with free debt consolidation companies, make sure you ask them to explain exactly what type of actions they will take to reduce your debt, and how they earn their fees.