Can you get a Motorcycle Loan if you have Bad Credit?

A person who wants to buy a motorcycle, but does not have the funds to finance the purchase, can apply for a motorcycle loan.  Plenty of motorcycle loan lenders are available, but can you get a motorcycle loan if you have a bad credit?  True, bad credit motorcycle loans are a little difficult to get, but if one knows how to go about it and is ready to accept some difficult loan terms, then even a person with a low credit score can dream of buying a motorcycle.

Can you get a Motorcycle Loan if you have Bad Credit?

First of all, you should look for a lender who would provide a motorcycle loan even if you have bad credit.  The sources of such loans could be –

  • Banks

Banks may grant motorcycle loans to people with bad credit or even grant personal loans for the purpose of motorcycle purchase.  However, they may limit the loan amount and charge a high interest rate as well. 

  • Credit Unions

If a person with bad credit is a member of a credit union, then he can request the credit union for a motorcycle loan.

  • Online Lenders

The advent of the internet has brought about a revolution in lending and motorcycle loans are no different.  In fact, this is the easiest way to get a bad credit motorcycle loan.  All that one needs to do is look for a lending website and enter the details asked for.  Lenders willing to grant bad credit loans would contact the borrower and he can conclude the deal within a short span of time.

Though you can get a motorcycle loan even if you have bad credit, the lender would place some stiff terms like high rate of interest, limited amount of loan and a short tenure.  The borrower should consider all these before taking the loan.  Also, it would be better to borrow the loan first and then buy a motorcycle priced within the loan limit.