Zee Cine Awards 2016


The Zee Cine Awards is the venture of the Zee Network, a Mumbai-based TV station. The awards are mainly targeted at the South Asians and are also known as ZCA, which is the short form of Zee Cine Awards.

It is a prestigious award festival for the Hindi film industry. If we trace the history of this award ceremony, we can look back to 1998, when the Zee Cine Awards was first held in the hub of Indian cinema, Mumbai. It has gained substantial popularity through the years to the Indian population, and even abroad, as a prestigious awards ceremony of Bollywood.

2016 Venue Information

Date 2016
Venue Mumbai

Zee Cine Awards 2016 Information

The Journey of Zee Cine Awards: Going International

The Zee Cine Awards went international in the year 2004 for the first time. In that year, the venue of the award ceremony was Dubai. After that, in the successive years it was held in places outside India.

2005 took the Zee Cine Awards to London, whereas 2006 saw the ceremony being held in Mauritius, the Asian Glamour and Lifestyle hub. In 2007 it was held in Malaysia and again the place of the Zee Cine Awards was London in the year 2008. The years 2009 and 2010 were given a miss due to some specific problems of the channel, but it has been resumed again in 2011. This time, it is going to be held in the beautiful land of Singapore.

Sponsors of the Zee Cine Awards

The Sponsors of the Zee Cine Awards from the beginning of the awards ceremony in 1998 till date are:

  1. 1998-2001 - Lux Zee Cine Awards
  2. 2002-2003 - Fair View Zee Cine Awards
  3. 2004 - Pan Parag Zee Cine Awards
  4. 2005 - Sunfeast Zee Cine Awards
  5. 2006 - LIC Zee Cine Awards
  6. 2007 - Aditya Birla Group Zee Cine Awards
  7. 2008 - Lux Zee Cine Awards
  8. 2011 - Marina Bay Sands Zee Cine Awards

The Unique Trophies of Zee Cine Awards

The Zee Cine Awards are uniquely different from the other awards of Bollywood as winners of some of the award categories are decided by public votes alone while there are some categories that are judged by only the juries of the film industry.

The trophies that are presented to the winners are unique and special by themselves. Each of the trophies is 24 carat (100 %) gold plated! The winners are judged by their work for the previous year, though they are awarded in the current year only. For example, the actors, actresses and the industry technicians who will be handed over the Zee Cine Awards in 2011 will get the recognition of their achievements of the previous year, that is, 2010.

2014 Venue Information

Date February 8, 2014
Venue Mumbai

Ticket Information

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  Event Ticket $6888 $4888 $3888 $1688 $988
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