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The Wireless Festival is one of the biggest music festivals of the country that loves music to the extremes, - England! The festival is held every year in Hyde Park , London. It was however held in Harewood House, Leeds for a couple of years, in 2006 and 2007. The Live Nation owns and manages the Wireless Festival.

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The Wireless Festival started in the year 2005. Until 2008, the sponsor of the festival was the telecommunications company O2 and thus the festival was also known as O2 Wireless Festival. However, from 2009, Barclaycard has been the main sponsor, and the festival is now simply known as Wireless Festival.

2016 Wireless Festival

The 2016 Wireless Festival is just round the corner. It is going to be held at the Hyde Park, London from 1 July to 3 July 2015.
Tickets are priced at £48.50 (Saturday/Sunday) or £49.50 (Friday) for one day. Also, the prices are £92 for two and £130 for three days. The performances will be announced soon...

  • 1st July - 3rd8 July:

Wireless Festival 2016 Venue

  • When: July 1 - 3, 2016
  • Where: Olympic Park, London, UK Europe

Wireless Festival 2014 Venue

  • When: July 4 - 6, 2014
  • Where:
  • London: Finsbury Park, Endymion Rd, London
  • Birmingham: Perry Park in Birmingham's Perry Bar, next to Alexander Stadium.
  • Location: London and Birmingham