War Against Gingivitis Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 18

Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 18

Aired on: CBS, 9PM Monday
Last aired episode: War against Gingivitis on 02/27/2012

War Against Gingivitis Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 18

Though the episode name suggests gingivitis, yet this episode had hardly anything to do with teeth.

Alan cannot log into his online banking account as he forgot the password and Walden tries to help him by guessing answers, meanwhile Walden receives a call from his ex-wife, Bridget (Judy Greer). She says that she has a business proposition for Walden from his ex-business partner Billy Stanhope. Walden gets irritated listening to this and rejects the proposal.

Later, he tells Alan that he and Billy had built a software company but then they sold it against Billy’s wish. This made him mad at Walden and he made a series of video tape to express his hatred. Alan is surprised to know this as he thinks that Billy has been ungrateful to Walden who has made him rich.

Billy then arrives at Walden’s beach house but he refuses to meet him. However Alan is curious and when he hears about the business proposition which can yield billions of dollars, he agrees to get Walden into it. Billy pays $50 to Alan for this task. When Alan goes to Walden to convince him, he hears a mouthful from the freaked out Walden. Billy’s big idea is web-based aggregate upstream power grid manipulation." Walden agrees to join Billy with many conditions, but soon enough they get into a fight and in a bid to stop them Alan also joins in. Jack comes in and sees three men fighting but he somehow controls the situation and make them handshake with each other and wants to join in their big business plan. Alan goes to a bar and in a chat with the bartender says that he has no friends except Lyndsey who is not here and Berta.

Walden and Billy start coding for the project while having a competition of holding blader. Alan visits Berta as she is sick and Berta asks him to run some errand wherein he needs to deliver money to a person named Shermy. Alan agrees, but gets into trouble as he was almost shot.

Billy confesses to Walden that he has had relation with Bridget. Walden freaks out, but holds himself and gets back to coding in a robe as they had to empty their bladder in the deck. The code gets ready and the team test the software named “Stanhope-Schmidt Electric Suitcase”. They use names of states as password and one by one Florida, California and Canada go black.

It is to be seen in the next episode if this can win them big bucks.