Virgin Territory Modern Family Season 3 Episode 16

Modern Family Season 3 Episode 16

Aired on: ABC
Time & Slot: Wednesday, 9 PM ET
Last aired Episode: 02/22/2012
Episode name: Virgin Territory

Virgin Territory Modern Family Season 3 Episode 16

Luke wants to spend time with Lily and he takes Manny’s help to spring a trap. Cookies are used as bait for the trap but Cameron slips on the milk and hurts his back. The incident also crushes Beatrice, Lily’s doll.
Phill says that he will take the doll to a doll hospital and on the way has a conversation with Haley. But Haley shocks him by saying that she isn’t a virgin anymore. Though Phill is disturbed by this, he tells his daughter that he trusts her. Haley is happy that her father trusts her.

Gloria wants to bond with Claire and thus wants to join yoga class with her. But Claire tries to avoid her. But Gloria discovers that Claire actually goes for gun sessions instead of yoga but she promises to keep it between the two.

Cameron pretends to be badly hurt but actually is not. He wants to have an empty house so that he can search for his Tupperware container which Claire confirms to have returned and ultimately Cameron finds it but in the process makes a mess of Claire’s house.

The family sits down together and discusses all the secrets about each other. And Mitchell reveals that he had kicked Jay once on the golf course so hard that he got a hole in and Jay now is bound to tell this secret to his golf buddies.

Though jay is determined to share the secret with his golf buddies, but he realizes that all his friends also have secrets about them which they never reveal and so he decides not to tell them anything. But Mitchell spoils it and spills the beans in front of everybody. Naturally Jay is not happy about the while incident. Mitchell explains to his dad that day is not only memorable for the hole-in but also because he had his first beer that day. But Jay says that Mitchell had his first beer when he was fourteen years. Mitchell is happy that his father still remembers this.