Valentine's Day New Girl Season 1 Episode 13

New Girl Season 1 Episode 13

Aired on: Fox
Time & Slot: Tuesday, 9PM ET
Last aired episode: 02/15/2012
Last aired episode name: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day New Girl Season 1 Episode 13

It was Valentine’s Day in New Girl this week. To celebrate Valentine’s Day Jess plans for a one night stand with Schmidt and Cece as her wingmen while Nick and Julia try to celebrate this day of love by caring for the day. Winston does not want to have a one night stand with Shelby and so spend time with the girls instead.

The main four characters of the series experience change through Valentine’s day and try something new in their life. Jess on her search for one night stand finds a very boring man Oliver ( Ryan Kwanten). They spend the night discussing about different types of tacos which Oliver had and watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes. They also bump onto ex girlfriend of Oliver. Schmidt is also there along with Jess and Oliver. At the end Jess gets so frustrated that she almost tried her luck with Schmidt with a box of 100 condoms. Though Nick and Julia try to care about Valentine’s Day but Julia gets stuck with work and Nick is with her intern (Clark   Duke). Though chances seem frail but at last both manage time together. Winston comes to Shelby’s apartment hoping to spend a romantic valentine’s night but is surprised to find that he has been invited to a girl’s night.  Winston assures Shelby that he is ready to take the relation slowly and end up having a nice quiet time with Shelby and the other girls and also earns a kiss at the end. Jess forces Schmidt to be her driver but he has bad luck as his tyres get stolen and he gets stuck outside Oliver’s home. After Cece comes by Jess leaves with Schmidt. But finally it’s Schmidt who makes it out with Cece.