Tollywood Awards

Tollywood is used as the Sobriquet for Telugu Cinema which is one of the India's second leading film makers. Being part of Indian cinemas produced in Telugu Language and distributed in the states of Telengana with Andhra Pradesh. The first film took place in the early 19th Century featuring the establishment of Telugu films. The film industry was in Chennai after moving it to Hyderabad in the early 1990's. In honoring people around the different acts of their presentation and effort to build a film or T.V programs that Nandi Award was established for the first time. The beginning of Nandi award took place in the year 1964. Following up the order the industry has hosted many film awards like National Film Award For Best Feature Film in Telugu, Telugu Filmfare Awards, Santhosham Film Awards, CineMAA Award etc,. The nominations for the awards produce or establish the growth of Film, people in acting and their virtual talent in the field of Entertainment.

Santosham Film Awards
CineMAA Awards
FNCC Awards
Nandi Awards
National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu
Raghupathi Venkaiah Award
Telugu Filmfare Awards